Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Worst Tattoos in the NBA, Past and Present: #18

20.  Stephon Marbury

19.  Matt Barnes

18.  Allen Iverson:

Allen Iverson was a great NBA player, averaging over 26 points per game over his entire career. That is pretty amazing, but Iverson's greatness on the court came with a huge ego off the court. His tattoos exemplify his personality amazingly, for example the one on his back that says "FAME" with subtext of "F@#!? All My Enemies." The thing is, he was probably completely serious when he decided to get that one. Another prime example of Iverson's egotism is the blatant "MONEY BAGZ" on the back of his left hand. He wants people to see it. He loves the attention. Just look at his face, which is the same in every picture. Allen Iverson has tried to build his reputation as a tough guy, but it is, frankly, hard to take the guy seriously because his tattoos are a joke (just look at the other pictures!).

Allen Iverson Looking Real Cool
Iverson Deep in Though - About Bagz of Money

Allen Iverson's Clever Acronym
Iverson Trying to Copy the Face of the Skull on His Arm

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