Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NFL Report Update: Alex Smith

Breaking News: Quarterback Alex Smith, originally a starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, has been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. In return, San Francisco will be rewarded with two draft picks in the next two drafts. Smith led San Francisco to the NFC Championship game in 2011, but was replaced by Colin Kaepernick halfway through the following regular season.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NFL Combine Results 2013: Day #6

40 yard dash: Cornerbacks
1. Darius Slay, Mississippi St 4.36
2. Dee Milliner, Alabama 4.37
3. Desmond Trufant, Washington 4.38
4. Robert Alford, Southern Louisiana 4.39
5. Jamar Taylor, Boise St. 4.39

40 yard dash: Safeties
1. Shamarko Thomas, Syracuse 4.42
2. Earl Wolff, NC State 4.44
3. Shawn Williams, Georgia 4.46
4. Eric Reid, LSU 4.53
5. Matt Elam, Florida 4.54

Vertical Jump: Cornerbacks
1. Xavier Rhodes, Florida St 40.5 inches
2. BW Webb, William & Mary 40.5 inches
3. Steve Williams, California 40.5 inches
4. Robert Alford Southern Louisiana 40.0 inches
5. Swayne Gratz, Connecticut 38.0 inches

Vertical Jump: Safeties
1. Eric Reid, LSU 40.5 inches
2. Shamarko Thomas, Syracuse 40.5 inches
3. TJ McDonald, USC 40.0 inches
4. Earl Wolff, NC State 39.0 inches
5. John Cyprien, Florida International 38.5 inches

Broad Jump: Cornerbacks
1. Robert Alford, Southern Louisiana 11'0"
2. Xavier Rhodes, Florida St 11'0"
3. BW Webb, William & Mary 11'0"
4. Tharold Simon, LSU 10'8"
5. Steve Williams, California 10'8"

Broad Jump: Safeties
1. Eric Reid, LSU 11'2"
2. Earl Wolff, NC State 11'2"
3. Shamarko Thomas, Syracuse 11'1"
4. TJ McDonald, USC 10'11"
5. Zeke Motta, Notre Dame 10'6"

Monday, February 25, 2013

NFL Combine Results 2013: Day #5

40 yard dash: Linebackers
1. Zaviar Gooden, Missouri 4.47
2. Cornelius Washington, Georgia 4.55
3. Jon Bostic, Florida 4.61
4. Jamie Collins, Southern Miss 4.64
5. Sio Moore, Connecticut 4.65

40 yard dash: Defensive Linemen
1. Trevardo Williams, Connecticut 4.57
2. Barkevious Mingo, LSU 4.58
3. Margus Hunt, SMU 4.60
4. Dion Jordan, Oregon 4.60
5. Corey Lemonier, Auburn 4.60

Bench Press: Linebackers
1. Cornelius Washington, Georgia 36 reps
2. Sio Moore, Connecticut 29 reps
3. Michael Mauti, Penn St. 28 reps
4. Zaviar Gooden, Missouri 27 reps
5. Jelani Jenkins, Florida 27 reps

Bench Press: Defensive Linemen
1. Margus Hunt, SMU 38 reps
2. Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern St 38 reps
3. Akeem Spence, Illinois 37 reps
4. Josh Boyd, Mississippi St 32 reps
5. John Jenkins, Georgia 30 reps

Vertical Jump: Linebackers
1. Jamie Collins, Southern Miss 41.5 inches
2. Cornelius Washington, Georgia 39.0 inches
3. Sio Moore, Connecticut 38.0 inches
4. John Lotilelei, UNLV 35.5 inches
5. Sean Porter, Texas A&M 35.0 inches

Vertical Jump: Defensive Linemen
1. Trevardo Williams, Connecticut 38.0 inches
2. Ty Powell, Harding 37.0 inches
3. Barkevious Mingo, LSU 37.0 inches
4. Damontre Moore, Texas A&M 35.5 inches
5. Devin Taylor, South Carolina 35.0 inches

NFL Report Update: Tom Brady

Breaking News: Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have agreed to a three-year, $27 million contract. This contract will keep Brady in New England until he reaches the age of 40. Considering Tom Brady's star power, his new contract is relatively modest, so its purpose is to free up $15 million of salary-cap space for 2013 and 2014.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

NFL Report Update: Star Lotulelei

Breaking News: Star Lotulelei will not be participating in this year's NFL Scouting Combine after being diagnosed with an unnamed heart condition during his medical exam, all according to ESPN's Christ Mortensen. Lotulelei was a defensive tackle for Utah, and was projected to be drafted within the top 10 picks of the 2013 NFL Draft. This new condition could potentially affect his draft stock by the time April rolls around.

NFL Combine Results 2013: Day #4

40 yard dash: Quarterbacks
1.Geno Smith, West Virginia 4.59
2. EJ Manuel, Florida St. 4.65
3. Matt Scott, Arizona 4.69
4. MarQueis, Minnesota 4.73
5. Colby Cameron, Louisiana Tech 4.78

40 yard dash: Running Backs
1. Onterio McCalebb, Auburn 4.34
2. Knile Davis, Arkansas 4.37
3. Kerwynn Williams, Utah State 4.48
4. Johnathan Franklin, UCLA 4.49
5. Michael Ford, LSU 4.50

40 yard dash: Wide Receivers
1. Marquise Goodwin, Texas 4.27
2. Tavon Austin, West Virginia 4.34
3. Ryan Swope, Texas A&M 4.34
4. Josh Boyce, TCU 4.38
5. Kenny Stills, Oklahoma 4.38

Vertical Jump: Quarterbacks
1. EJ Manuel, Florida St. 34 inches
2. Geno Smith, West Virginia 33.5 inches
3. James Vandenberg, Iowa 32.0 seconds
4. Landry Jones, Oklahoma 31.0 inches
5. Matt Scott, Arizona 31.0 inches

Vertical Jump: Running Backs
1. Christine Michael, Texas A&M 43.0 inches
2. Rex Burkhead, Nebraska 39.0 inches
3. Michael Ford, LSU 38.5 inches
4. Cierre Wood, Notre Dame 37.5 inches
5. Kenjon Barner, Oregon 37.5 inches

Vertical Jump: Wide Receivers
1. Marcus Davis, Virginia Tech 39.5 inches
2. Justin Hunter, Tennessee 39.5 inches
3. Da'Rick Rogers, Tennessee Tech 39.5 inches
4. Mark Harrison, Rutgers 38.5 inches
5. Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee 37.0 inches

Broad Jump: Quarterbacks
1. Geno Smith, West Virginia 124.0 inches
2. EJ Manuel, Florida St. 118.0 inches
3. Matt Scott, Arizona 118.0 inches 
4. James Vandenberg, Iowa 119.0 inches
5. Landry Jones, Oklahoma 115.0 inches

Broad Jump: Running Backs
1. Michael Ford, LSU 130.0 inches
2. Rex Burkhead, Nebraska 125.0 inches
3. Christine Michael, Texas A&M 125.0 inches
4. Cierre Wood, Notre Dame 124.0 inches
5. Joseph Randle, Oklahoma St. 123.0 inches

Broad Jump: Wide Receivers
1. Justin Hunter, Tennessee 136.0 inches
2. Marquise Goodwin, Texas 132.0 inches
3. Da'Rick Rogers, Tennessee Tech 132.0 inches
4. Josh Boyce, TCU 131.0 inches
5. Mark Harrison, Rutgers 129.0 inches

Saturday, February 23, 2013

NFL Combine Results 2013: Day #3

40 yard dash: Tight Ends
1. Chris Gragg 4.50
2. Matt Furstenburg 4.62
3. Jake Stoneburner 4.65
4. Tyler Eifert 4.68
5. Vance McDonald 4.69

40 yard dash: Offensive linemen
1. Terron Armstead 4.71
2. Lane Johnson 4.72
3. Kyle Long 4.94
4. Alvin Bailey 4.95
5. Vinston Painter 4.95

Bench Press: Tight Ends
1. Vance McDonald 31 reps
2. Zach Ertz 24 reps
3. Tyler Eifert 22 reps
4. Nick Kasa 22 reps
5. Dion Sims 22 reps

Bench Press: Offensive Linemen
1. Eric Herman 36 reps
2. Jonathan Cooper 35 reps
3. Lamar Mady 35 reps
4. Reid Fragel 33 reps
5. Zach Allen 32 reps

Vertical Jump: Tight Ends
1. Chris Gragg 37.5 inches
2. Tyler Eifert 35.5 inches
3.  Matt Furstenburg 35.5 inches
4. Dion Sims 35.0 inches
5.  Jake Stoneburner 34.5 inches

Vertical Jump: Offensive Linemen
1. Terron Armstead 34.5 inches
2. Lane Johnson 34.0 inches
3. Ricky Wagner 31.5 inches
4. Vinston Painter 30.5 inches
5. Reid Fragel 30.0 inches

Broad Jump: Tight Ends
1. Chris Gragg 125 inches
2. Tyler Eifert 119 inches
3. Vance McDonald 119 inches
4. Justice Cunningham 116 inches
5. Jake Stoneburner 116 inches

Broad Jump: Offensive Linemen
1. Lane Johnson 118 inches
2. Eric Fisher 116 inches
3. Reid Fragel 113 inches
4. Terron Armstead 112 inches
5. Tanner Hawkinson 112 inches

Top 10 Free Agents: Joe Flacco

1. Joe Flacco: There is no disputing Joe Flacco deserves to be number one on this countdown, seeing that he was able to lead the Baltimore Ravens to their second Super Bowl title. Flacco will not let their quarterback leave Maryland, where he can potentially make Baltimore's offense the highest scoring group in the league. Flacco's arm allows him to throw it deep with wide receivers such as Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones and Anquan Boldin. Baltimore's defense is losing several key veterans to retirement or free agency, which is why Baltimore must sign Flacco to the big contract he rightfully deserves.

Top 10 Free Agents: Cliff Avril

2. Cliff Avril: Avril has thrived in Detroit ever since the defensive line added Ndamukong Suh to the roster. Even though Cliff Avril is looking for a massive contract, he saw a dip in productivity last season, where his sack total fell from 11 sacks in 2011 to 9.5 sacks in 2012. Avril certainly does not deserve the same contract as Mario Williams, which is why he will eventually stay in Detroit.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 10 Free Agents: Michael Johnson

3. Michael Johnson: Third year defensive end Michael Johnson had a breakout year in 2012. His 11.5 sacks saw a large increase compared to 6 sacks in 2011. Along with his 52 tackles, Johnson picked off a pass in a game against Cleveland. Cincinnati's defense has shown signs of improvement, and they will need him back if they wish to stay in Super Bowl contention. At 6-foot-7 and 255 pounds, Michael Johnson has the size needed to succeed in the NFL.

Top 10 Free Agents: Reggie Bush

4. Reggie Bush: It took Reggie Bush a long time before he developed into the NFL star he was supposed to be as a rookie on the New Orleans Saints. Last year marked the first time Bush was able to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season, and he accomplished this feat needing just 216 attempts. Within the past two years, Bush averages a whopping 4.7 yards per carry, but he is still not earning the same amount of money as Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson. Reggie Bush has said he wants to return to Miami in 2013, but several other teams such as the Detroit Lions are trying to heavily recruit him. Bush will not have more than 250 attempts if he moves to Detroit, but I believe he can have an important impact on wherever he chooses to play in 2013.

Top 10 Free Agents: Ryan Clady

5. Ryan Clady: Ryan Clady proved to be one of the most valuable players on the Denver Broncos, seeing that he successfully protected Peyton Manning's blind side. Clady and the Denver offensive line allowed just 21 sacks in 2012, ranking second in the National Football League. The three-time All-Pro underwent surgery on his shoulder this past offseason, but many still believe the Denver Broncos will use their franchise tag on Clady.

Top 10 Free Agents: Mike Wallace

6. Mike Wallace: Mike Wallace missed just one game in 2012, but his numbers dipped dramatically when comparing his statistics to 2011. Wallace dropped a large amount of passes last season, and therefore, his receptions fell from 72 in 2011 to 64 in 2012. Wallace will likely never eclipse the 100 reception mark in his career, but he makes up for it with his incredible speed. Wallace's speed allows him to fly by opposing teams safeties in order to make a game-changing reception. Mike Wallace is showing sings of improvement in his route running, as he tries to become more well-rounded so he is not used solely on streaks down field. For those who can't afford Greg Jennings this off season, Mike Wallace is a cheaper choice who could blossom into a more balanced receiver.

Top 10 Free Agents: Aquib Talib

7. Aquib Talib: Aquib Talib has the potential to be one of the best cornerbacks in the league, but Talib always gets into trouble, whether it be off the field problems or nagging injuries, Talib tends to be labeled as inconsistent. However, when Talib is on his game and ready to play, he can shut down any team's go-to wide receiver. New England has several big names that they hope to re-sign in the offseason, and Talib is one of those players. He surely is a gamble, but if he puts his heart to it, Talib can be the center of any team's defense.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Top 10 Free Agents: Dashon Goldson

8. Dashon Goldson: It is unclear whether or not the San Francisco 49ers will re-sign Dashon Goldson, who at 27 is currently entering the height of his pro career. The 49ers need all the help they can get at safety, but there is not enough cap room to ensure Goldson's signing. Goldson was named to back to back Pro Bowls, as well as an All-Pro team for his spectacular season in 2012. Clearly, Goldson was successful enough in order to lead his team into the Super Bowl, so other teams will be eager to scoop him up if San Francisco does not.

Top 10 Free Agents: Wes Welker

9. Wes Welker: Personally, I believe Wes Welker is one of the more overrated players in the league. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game, so he makes Welker that much better. Teams will pay way too much for this wide receiver, who as of late has dropped several balls in key situations. Welker's inconsistent hands are still able to catch balls other wide receiver can't, and he is not afraid to take a hit in order to gain the extra yard. Team's who are looking for a wide receiver that may convert on 3rd and 5 should be eying Welker, but Welker is not worthy of big bucks unless he can reduce the amount of balls he drops.

Top 10 Free Agents: Brian Urlacher

10. Brian Urlacher: Urlacher clearly is not the same at age 34, seeing that he can no longer pursue a ballcarrier the same way. His productivity has dipped, and an injury in 2012 will most likely hurt his value in the free agency. The main thing Urlacher brings to the table is leadership, as he can provide a team in need of leadership with a veteran containing plenty of playoff experience. Brian Urlacher has not recorded five or more sacks in a singe season since 2007, so teams will mainly be looking for a relatively dominant linebacker capable of defending passes and covering the middle of the field. It is likely Urlacher has just one or two years left in the tank, but Urlacher will most definitely give it his all on the field.

Top 10 NFL Free Agents

     On March 12, the NFL free agency period will begin, allowing teams to forget about a disappointing 2012 season, and hopefully, become legitimate contenders for the Lombardi Trophy. Unfortunately, there is no golden prize in this year's free agency as there was last year with Peyton Manning. However, it only takes one player to put a franchise back on track. The NFL Report will rank the 10 best free agents that have the potential to be playing in a new uniform by the time September rolls around.

2013 NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Picks 1-10

     Our final mock draft before the NFL combine! Be sure to comment, subscribe, or like us on Facebook at! Also, subscribe to us on YouTube, where we create monthly highlight videos for some of the most exciting NFL players! Lastly, send us your mock drafts at!

1. Kansas City Chiefs: QB Geno Smith: The only two players fighting for the number one spot in the draft is Smith and offensive lineman Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M. Kansas City is looking to rebuild their franchise, and new head coach Andy Reid already knows how to build a game plan around a mobile quarterback. Geno Smith will likely solidify his spot as number one after the combine.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Bjoern Warner: The Jaguars ranked dead last in sacks last season, and there are not many noteworthy free agents at the defensive end position. Bjoern Warner has decided to enter the 2013 NFL Draft, and has been compared to Chris Long for his consistent and well rounded attributes. Warner may be the long term solution for the Jacksonville Jaguars' pass rush.

Ryan Nassib
3. Oakland Raiders: DT Star Lotulelei: The Oakland Raiders may lose both Richard Seymour and Desmond Bryant to free agency, so drafting defensive tackle Star Lotulelei would make a lot of sense. Lotuelei is very well rounded, providing solutions for Oakland's pass rush and run blocking.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: OT Luke Joeckel: Since Chip Kelly will likely stick with Michael Vick at quarterback, it is time the Eagles draft someone who has the ability to protect him. Luke Joeckel has the potential to be selected first overall, and hopefully, Joeckel can reduce the 48 sacks allowed by Philadelphia's offensive line in 2012.

5. Detroit Lions: DE Demontre Moore: Most would agree that Detroit is in desperate need of a pass rusher with Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosch both unlikely to return in 2013. Demontre Moore is the best pass rusher left on the board, and should be able to replace Avril on the defensive line.

6. Cleveland Browns: LB Jarvis Jones: Jarvis Jones' statistics while at Georgia turned many heads, and his 14.5 sacks would surely help Cleveland's defense. Its is unlikely the Browns will attempt to draft yet another quarterback with their first round pick, so it is time for them to strengthen a mediocre defense.

7. Arizona Cardinals: OT Eric Fisher: Even though Arizona's quarterback problem needs to be solved, so does the horrendous offensive line, a group who allowed 58 sacks in 2013, the most out of any team. Eric Fisher deserves to be taken over a quarterback like Matt Barkley or Tyler Wilson, where Arizona can shop for a quarterback in free agency.

8. Buffalo Bills: QB Ryan Nassib: I remain a firm believer that Ryan Nassib, a quarterback from Syracuse, will be drafted by the Buffalo Bills. Seven coaches who currently work for the Buffalo Bills at one point in their career worked at Syracuse. Former quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is out of the picture, and Nassib will be his replacement in 2013.

9. New York Jets: DE Dion Jordan: Rex Ryan loves drafting defensive players, and New York's defense remains weak at certain positions. Dion Jordan is a vicious tackler, and does not give up easily on the ball. Jordan is a potential pro-bowler, and I firmly believe Jordan's draft stock will only rise after the combine.

10. Tennessee Titans: DE Barkevious Mingo: Along with Mingo, many draft experts believe guard Chance Warmack will be taken tenth overall by the Tennessee Titans. Mingo could potentially be selected as high as number two overall, but as he falls to number ten, the Titans will eagerly pair him up with Derrick Morgan to form a powerful defensive line.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII Champions!

     Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on winning Super Bowl XLVII by a final score of 34-31. San Francisco's comeback was not strong enough to win them the Lombardi Trophy. Ray Lewis, in the end, will retire a champion after all. Bring on the draft!

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