Saturday, February 15, 2014

CBB to NBA Player Comparisons: Julius Randle

Randle, with his polished offensive game and unstoppable rebounding ability, reminds me of Warriors power forward David Lee.  Randle and Lee both have above-average jump shots for big men, can get it done offensively on the inside, and have strong frames that make them impossible to get around on the boards.  Another similarity is their natural athleticism, which allows them to run in transition and make powerful plays around the rim.  Despite their athleticism, though, they are both sub-par on the defensive end of the floor and their lack of elite wingspans limits their potential at the NBA level.  Randle will likely be a high draft pick because he is one of the more NBA-ready players in this year's class, but it remains to be seen whether his less-than-subtle flaws will be exposed when he makes it to the pros. Lee has been able to succeed without being an incredible defender or having an outstanding wingspan, so maybe Randle will be able to do the same.

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