Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Worst Tattoos in the NBA, Past and Present: #19

20.  Stephon Marbury

19.  Matt Barnes:

Since Matt Barnes entered the NBA in 2003, he has played for 9 teams. He has occasionally been effective off the bench, but has been mostly known for his "character issues" and uncontrollable temper. Well, just from looking at his face in the last picture, you can tell that he might not be the most constructive member of a locker room, maybe playing a part in his inability to stick with one team. However, I would not be surprised if all 9 teams just got sick of his tattoos. The praying hands with the word "Believe" smack on the side of his neck. The conspicuous Rolling Stones tongue tattoo in full blown color that the entire world can see every time he takes a shot. The numerous angels on his front, random quotes fill in every open space. These all combine to make a pretty bad collage of tattoos for Barnes. But maybe the most scary part, once again judging by his face in the last picture, is the many many more tattoos he is likely to get.
The Rolling Stones
Praying Hands
Matt Barnes Before With a Lot of Tattoos - But He Would Add More
Matt Barnes Adding More

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