Monday, January 21, 2013

NFL Award Predictions: Offensive Rookie of the Year

     Last April's draft class proved to have one of the more talented trio of passers in recent memory. Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck all wish to take home Offensive Rookie of the Year on February 2nd, but unfortunately, their can only be one winner.

QB Robert Griffin III: Out of the three quarterbacks competing, RGIII appeared to be the most disciplined, where he showed off his extraordinary accuracy by obtaining a 102.4 quarterback rating. Unlike Andrew Luck, RGIII threw just 5 interceptions in 15 games, as well as rush for over 800 yards with 7 scores. The former Heisman winner resurrected the Redskins franchise, bringing them back into contention before being bumped by Seattle in the Wild Card round. RGIII managed to stay consistent throughout the year, and if not for several injuries, he may have won this award in a landslide. 

QB Andrew Luck: The most impressive of Andrew Luck's statistics might be his ability to succeed even when the odds are against him. Luck was forced to play while a franchise coped with their head coach, Chuck Pagano, battling cancer. Andrew Luck had seven fourth quarter comebacks in 2012, and was also able to break the rookie record for passing yards with 4,374. The only problem with Andrew Luck was the high interception total (18 interceptions compared to 20 touchdowns). A fantastic rookie season will be followed by many more years of success, but it is unlikely Luck will win Rookie of the Year over Wilson and RGIII.

QB Russell Wilson: Unlike RGIII and Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson was the only rookie quarterback to make it into the Divisional Round of this season's playoffs. Wilson likely has the most talented team surrounding him, meaning out of the three quarterbacks, Russell Wilson had to do the least amount of work in order to lead Seattle back into the playoffs. Wilson did manage to tie Peyton Manning's rookie passing touchdown record at 26, and maintained a 100.0 passer rating throughout the season. Wilson is capable of scrambling when needed, similar to RGIII, but his slow start to the year hurts his case for Rookie of the Year.

Offensive Rookie of the Year Prediction: Robert Griffin III


  1. You guys are retarted rg3 pride cost him more games you fault Wilson because Seahawks are a goos team yes he has less passing yard and more tds what does that say it means he's that good

  2. I believe Wilson has a much better team surrounding him. However, RGII was still able to do well in Washington as seen by his 102.4 passer rating. It's hard to turn down a guy who had a better passer rating than Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan.