Wednesday, February 26, 2014

CBB to NBA Player Comparisons: Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson is a superb college player but he projects as a fairly average player at the pro level because he is severely undersized at the shooting guard position, but does not have the necessary skill set to play point guard either.  Thus, I think Johnson's most relevant NBA comparison is Celtics combo-guard Avery Bradley.  Bradley's deficiencies are very similar to those of Johnson, as they both are shorter than 6'3'' (most shooting guards tend to be around 6'5'' or taller) and neither are effective enough at managing the game or passing to play the point guard position.  Despite these downfalls, they both have incredible defensive work rates and can knock down jump shots with relative consistency. Also, they tend to be fantastically exciting and powerful finishers around the rim, regardless of their short stature.  Though he probably won't turn into a star at the next level, any team that drafts Johnson will be getting an intense role player with the characteristics of a lesser Avery Bradley.

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