Sunday, June 21, 2015

Three Rookies Ready To Make An Impact On Offense

The NFL has a new crop of talent entering the league every single year. No one is claiming that the class of 2015 is one of the best ever, but there are a number of guys who could make an impact as a rookie. Here is a look at three to keep an eye on in fantasy football.

Jameis Winston
Other quarterback rookies are probably going to start at some point in 2015, but no one is in a better position than the #1 overall pick. Tampa Bay is going to allow him to learn on the job from day one. Even though they were awful last year, Winston knows that there is some talent on the team for a quick turnaround. He’s not going to be drafted like a starter in fantasy football, but he’s worthy of a backup role from Week 1. By the end of the season, he could have similar numbers to some of the more recent rookie quarterbacks.

Amari Cooper
No receiver was considered a safer pick coming out of college than Amari Cooper. Oakland knew that they had their options, but they decided to go with the Heisman finalist out of Alabama. The Raiders had a terrible passing game last year, but Cooper becomes a featured guy right away. People in fantasy football should keep that in consideration.

Melvin Gordon
Gordon wasn’t the first running back off the board in the draft, but he was the first healthy one. Couple that with him going to a team like San Diego that definitely needs a better running game, and you have perhaps the offensive rookie of the year in the NFL. At Wisconsin, he was a workhorse. San Diego could make him the #1 running back right away as well.