Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CBB to NBA Player Comparisons: Dante Exum

Exum's skill set is perfectly reminiscent of Philadelphia 76ers point guard Michael Carter-Williams. Both of them, standing at 6'6", create huge mismatches at the point guard position.  What they gain in height, they certainly don't loose in speed, as they are both incredibly quick.  The combination of quickness and size makes both Carter-Williams and Exum unstoppable when driving to the basket. However, when they are forced to sit outside and shoot jumpers, they can both be quite inconsistent. Carter-Williams' jumper was supposed to be horrible when he was drafted by the 76ers, but it has been slightly better than we expected, which can be attributed to MCW's great work ethic.  Exum is also said to have a great work ethic, and teams will hope that he can improve his jumper during the offseason. Additionally, Carter-Williams and Exum are both dynamic on the defensive end of the floor, making steals and disrupting passing lanes with their large frames.  Lastly, the largest part of both Carter-Williams' and Exum's game is their ability to create for teammates.  With incredible court vision and size, Exum, much like MCW, should be able to fill up the box score when he arrives in the NBA.

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