Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CBB to NBA Player Comparisons: Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker is a difficult case, because there is nobody in the NBA that is truly a perfect match for his skill set.  Many people have compared him to Carmelo Anthony, as they both do are fantastic at making shots for themselves in one-on-one scenarios.  Not only that, they are both strong enough to play the power forward position as well as the strong forward position.  However, in terms of attitude, Parker is naturally a team player, while Carmelo is notoriously the opposite.  Thus, I think Parker's most accurate comparison in the NBA is Celtics small forward Paul Pierce.  Both Pierce and Parker are fantastic jump shooters and, much like Carmelo, they both excel at creating space for their shots. Additionally, while neither of them are particularly renowned for their athleticism, there is no doubt that they can both take the ball to the basket and finish with force every once and a while.  Lastly, Pierce and Parker's attitudes are similar in that they are both team players that don't need to be directly putting the ball in the basket to feel that they have succeeded.  Every time that Carmelo Anthony receives the ball, everyone else stands still, waiting for him to go one-on-one with his defender.  On the contrary, when Pierce and Parker are on the ball, it is not detrimental to the team, because it is within the flow of the offense.

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