Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees?

     Last February, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers was voted Most Valuable Player of the NFL in a “uninamous” decision. There is no question Rodgers deserved a spot on the ballot, for his MVP-like season may be one of the best in league history. However, Saints quarterback Drew Brees was just as good, if not better. 2012 was labeled as the Year of the Quarterback, and rightfully so when you are dealing with big names such as Tom Brady, Eli Manning and Mathew Stafford. Rodgers may have won the MVP Award, but in no way does that make him better then the Purdue alum. So who is the better quarterback: Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees?
    Three years; that’s how long Rodgers sat on the Packers bench, watching star quarterback Brett Favre calling out plays on the field. Aaron Rodgers was drafted 24th overall out of UCal, and would be Favre’s replacement when needed. His career started off slowly, but things were looking up for the quarterback. Brett Favre was on the wrong side of 30, and later announced he would be retiring (or so we thought) by the end of 2007. When 2008 rolled around, it was Rodgers’ time to shine. In his first year as a starter, Rodgers passed for 4,038 yards and 28 touchdowns. However, the trait that differentiates Rodgers is his mobility. Early on in his career, it was clear to football fans the new quarterback possessed extraordinary speed. Rodgers has evolved his running game so that he can make a spectacular throw off balance, as well as rushing for a few extra yards. The next two seasons of Rodgers’ career were spectacular as well, where he ended up beating Pittsburgh for his first Super Bowl title. Undoubtedly his best year in the NFL came in 2011. The Packers quarterback threw for 4,643 yards, and was just 5 touchdowns away from the touchdown record with 45. His Green Bay Packers earned a 15-1 record, but were dethroned by New York in their first playoff game. Rodgers’ regular season success won him the MVP Award last February, and rightfully so. Taking all of this into account, I still find Aaron Rodgers one of the more overrated quarterbacks in the league. Now don’t get me wrong, Rodgers is clearly an elite passer, but not quite as elite as people think. When comparing Rodgers to Drew Brees, you will notice Rodgers’ receiving corp is dramatically better then that of New Orleans. Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley are all spectacular weapons that allow Rodgers to put up extraordinary statistics. The main reason why I am doubting Rodgers is due to Week 17 of the 2011 season. Green Bay started Matt Flynn in order to rest their star quarterback for the playoffs. Flynn had started in just one other NFL game, yet he was able to throw for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns against Detroit. Had Flynn been dealing with the Saints’ wide receivers, there is no way he could put up the same statistics. Rodgers has exemplified fabulous accuracy in his 4 seasons as a starter, but I am not sure if he is a better quarterback than Drew Brees.
     Brees’ career began as the starting quarterback for the San Diego Chargers back in 2002. Many had doubted Brees due to his problems with injuries in the past, which is why was taken 33rd overall. He may not have been an elite quarterback when he first became a starter, and clearly the Chargers were not satisfied. That is why San Diego traded for NC State passer Philip Rivers. Brees stayed a starter for the rest of 2004, and was later slected to the Pro Bowl team. After one more season spent in San Diego, Brees was signed by the New Orleans Saints. Over time, he was able to improve his game bit by bit, and eventually brought a Super Bowl trophy home to New Orleans. He may not have been succesful in his quest for a second Super Bowl title, but last season statistically was the best of Brees’ career. In 16 games, Drew Brees threw for 5,476 yards (an NFL record), 46 touchdowns and a passer rating of 110.6. The most impressive feature of Drew Brees is his lack of weapons at wide receiver, even though the Saints quarterback manages to put up great staistics. Brees has spectacular accuracy (.71 completion percentage) which allows him to hit the smallest of targets. He may not have the same speed as Rodgers, but Brees definitely has the capability of escaping pass rushers. Overall, Brees has experience, arm strength, and awareness on the football field, the main reason why he has been so successful in the league.
     Both quarterbacks are basically equal when it comes to statistics, but in the end, I would rather have Drew Brees on my opening day roster than Aaron Rodgers.
Aaron Rodgers Overall: 97.5
Drew Brees Overall: 98

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 NFL Mock Draft

     It has been 2 months since the final whistle was blown, and every football fan knows when April rolls around, it is time for the NFL Draft. This year's draft class is a spectacular group of athletes, led by quarterback Andrew Luck. Many have compared Andrew Luck to players such as John Elway or Peyton Manning. The Draft is always interesting, and The NFL Report has you covered on each and every first round pick.

1. Indianapolis Colts: QB Andrew Luck: Though many football experts have speculated whether or not RGIII deserves the number one spot, there is no doubt in my mind quarterback Andrew Luck will be drafted first overall. Size, speed and strength are clear characteristics of the Stanford quarterback. Luck owns the record for the highest single season completion percentage in Pac-12 history with 71.3%. With Peyton Manning on the road to Denver, the Colts are in need of a quarterback, and Andrew Luck seems like the obvious choice.

Morris Claiborne
2. Washington Redskins: QB Robert Griffin III: Though this year's top college player is off the board, the Redskins have a great second pick; Robert Griffin III. Washington traded draft picks with the St. Louis Rams to get the Heisman Trophy winner and, like the Colts, are in need of a passer. While at Baylor, RGIII threw for 4,293 yards and 37 TD's. However, what differentiates RGIII from the average quarterback is his running ability (official dash time of 4.41). Even though Luck is practically taken, Washington will still have a great alternative in RGIII.

3. Minnesota Vikings: OT Matt Kalil: Not only is there a great class of quarterbacks in this upcoming draft, but there are also many spectacular offensive lineman, led by star tackle Matt Kalil. Last season with USC, Kalil showed off his pure strength by dominating the opposing team's pass rush. Thanks to his 6'7", 280 pound build, the OT excels at both run blocking and protecting the passer. Matt Kalil is the ideal offensive lineman, and possesses the intangibles necessary to succeed in the league. Minnesota has stated they need someone who can protect quarterback Christian Ponder as well as Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson; Matt Kalil fits the bill.

4. Cleveland Brown: RB Trent Richardson: Due to the departure of running back Peyton Hillis, there is a large hole that needs to be filled in Cleveland. Many top-notch players are still on the board, and the one best for the job is running back Trent Richardson. While at Alabama, Richardson rushed for 1,679 yards and 21 touchdowns, along with 2 National Championships. At the combine (though battling injury), Richardson ran the 40 yard dash in 4.45 seconds. The Alabama alum may be short, but he sure knows how to make big plays. His intelligence, speed and upper body strength should earn him the number four spot in the draft.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB Morris Claiborne: Many teams have attempted to redesign their roster over the past few months. The team with the biggest off-season in 2012 has been the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, thanks to the signing of Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks. Now that they have improved their offense, some work needs to be done on the defense--more specifically, their pass defense. In this upcoming draft, the best defensive player goes to CB Morris Claiborne of LSU. The fact that he scored 4 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Exam hurts his draft stock slightly, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to focus on drafting a high end cornerback. Morris Claiborne exhibited fabulous speed while at LSU, along with a spectacular leaping ability. Tampa Bay ranked 30th in passing touchdowns allowed last season, and a top notch player like Claiborne should be the perfect fit.

6. St. Louis Ram: WR Justin Blackmon: There are many extraordinary players in this years draft class, but among the best is former OSU wide receiver Justin Blackmon. While playing for the Cowboys, Blackmon ended his career with 3,564 receiving yards, 252 receptions and 40 touchdowns. During his final college game in the Fiesta Bowl, Blackmon exemplified speed and, more importantly, awareness on the football field. He finished the game at 8 receptions for 186 yards and 3 touchdowns. Blackmon should be a great weapon for first-overall pick Sam Bradford, who appeared to be missing a reliable No. 1 wide receiver all of last season.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Quinton Coples: Now that Morris Claiborne has been taken, it appears as if the next player Jacksonville wishes to take will be DE Quinton Coples. Size is not a problem for Coples, who weighs in at 6'6, 280 pounds. However, Coples is one of the more inconsistent players in this years draft, and is also not the best when it comes to pass rush. His defense against the run is top notch, but I would suggest Jacksonville trade down or select someone like DE Melvin Ingram (if Melvin Ingram was just 3 or 4 inches taller, he would be selected closer to 5th overall). Coples is still a great choice, and would be a great fit for Jacksonville.

8. Miami Dolphins: QB Ryan Tannehill: This past off-season, no one should be more disappointed than the Miami Dolphins. Not only did they miss out on future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, but they were also unable to sign ex-Packer quarterback Matt Flynn. Unless they want their number one quarterback to be Matt Moore, I suggest Miami tries to draft a high end quarterback. The best quarterback remaining at number 8 on the board is Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M. Tannehill may not be an Andrew Luck or RGIII, but his 3,744 passing yards and 33 total touchdowns proves he can be a starting quarter back in the NFL.

9. Carolina Panthers: DE Melvin Ingram: Though he is not the biggest guy in this years draft class, Melvin Ingram has what it takes to be an elite player in the NFL. Ingram spent much of his college career as a linebacker, before switching to defensive end. Last year, he set the school record for sacks with 10, and was selected to the All-American team as well. The Carolina Panthers ranked 25th overall in sacks last season, and they could add Melvin Ingram to improve this statistic.

10. Buffalo Bills: OT Riley Reiff: After a busy off-season spent towards improving the defensive unit, Buffalo should focus more on offense in the draft. The best way to start: draft offensive linemen Riley Reiff with the 10th overall pick. While at Iowa, Reiff showed off his brilliant technique to NFL scouts. It appears as if Reiff is a smart player, and could adapt easily to the NFL. He may not be the strongest lineman in this draft class, but he clearly has earned a top 10 pick.

11. Kansas City Chiefs: G David DeCastro: Now that Kansas City is done shopping for running backs (acquired Peyton Hillis in off-season to go along with Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster), it is time they invest in a player who can protect their running game. With Reiff off the board, their next choice should be ex-Stanford guard David DeCastro. DeCastro did a great job blocking for star quarterback Andrew Luck while in college, and I suspect he can do the same in the NFL. He did not have a spectacular combine, but this will not be enough to hurt his draft stock. DeCastro is in no way lacking size, so I suspect the best pick for him as at number 11.

Luke Kuechly
12. Seattle Seahawks: ILB Luke Kuechly: No one in this year's draft class has the same pure athleticism as linebacker Luke Kuechly. Kuechly absolutely dominated the ACC last season, getting 191 tackles while at BC. His spectacular performance in 2011 won him the Dick Butkus Award, Bronko Nagurski Award and the Vince Lambardi Award. As Kuechly enters the draft as a junior, the best fit for him will be with the Seattle Seahawks.

13. Arizona Cardinals: DE Fletcher Cox: With two defensive ends already taken, the next best option when it comes to that position is Fletcher Cox. Though the Mississippi alum lacks the stand out statistics, Fletcher Cox has the strength necessary to succeed in the league. He may not always bring the passer down, but Cox does a great job of rushing the quarterback into making poor decisions. The Cardinals defense has come along way, and picking up Fletcher Cox in the draft will only increase their playoff chances.

14. Dallas Cowboys: S Mark Barron: Besides a reliable quarterback, the main thing Dallas is missing is an elite secondary. The secondary has made slight improvements since 2010, but they have yet to shut down the opposing team's passing game. In this year's draft class, there is no better safety then Mark Barron of Alabama. Not only did he win the BCS National Championship last season, but the All-American was a part of one of the nation's top defenses. If they wish to top New York in the NFC East, the Cowboys will need to add a star safety to their roster.

15. Philadelphia Eagles: Dontari Poe: Before the combine, Dontari Poe was projected to be taken in the mid-to-late second round. At Memphis, Poe had just 22 tackles with one sack, not the type of statistics you'd see from a first round draft pick. However, when the combine rolled around, Poe was absolutely tremendous. The defensive tackle ran the 40 yard dash in 4.87 seconds, and benched pressed 225 pounds 44 times! Both numbers are absolutely eye-popping, and in less then a week, Poe was predicted to be drafted with a top 10 pick. However, many scouts have begun watching film of Poe, and do not like what they see. Drafting Poe in the top 10 is a gutsy move, but many teams will be willing to take the risk. Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles for one need some work on the defensive side of the ball, which is why I believe they will be willing to take Dontari Poe with the 15th pick in the draft.

16. New York Jets: WR Michael Floyd: Last season was somewhat of a disappointment for New York, for they were unable to make the playoffs. Mark Sanchez has yet to play like an elite quarterback, and it is unlikely he improves dramatically enough to make a Pro Bowl team. However, if the Jets were to draft wide receiver Michael Floyd of Notre Dame, Santonio Holmes would no longer be the only deep threat in New York. While playing for the Fighting Irish, Floyd had 1147 receiving yards with 9 touchdowns in 2011. Floyd has spectacular speed, along with the ability to make circus catches. Though the Jets are having trouble choosing a number one quarterback, they shouldn't have any problems incorporating Floyd into their offense.

17. Cincinnati Bengals: OT Jonathan Martin: As of now, I believe the Bengals are the number one sleeper team in the NFL. Since the beginning of free agency, the Bengals of Cincinnati have quietly signed several players who can help their Super Bowl chances. Even though the Bengals offense will be without Cedric Benson, they quickly signed free agent Benjarvus Green-Ellis, one of the most (if not THE most) reliable running backs in the league. If they wish for Green-Ellis to succeed in Cincy, the best pick at 17 will be tackle Jonathan Martin. Martin did a spectacular job protecting Andrew Luck, and even earned a spot on the first team All-Pac-12 roster. At 6'5, 312 pounds, the Stanford tackle exemplified great speed for someone his size, and he should do a great job protecting sophomore-quarterback Andy Dalton.

18. San Diego Chargers: DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus: Last season, just ONE player on the San Diego Chargers picked up more then 4 sacks. There are several improvements that need to take place if they wish to dethrone Denver in the AFC West.  The best option with the 18th pick in the draft is linebacker-defensive end Whitney Mercilus. Mercilus led the nation in sacks (16) and forced fumbles (9) last season while playing for Illinois. Not only did the Chargers have trouble sacking the opposing team's quarterback, they also ranked dead last in forced fumbles. There is a lot of tension in San Diego, for if they were to miss out on the playoffs for a third straight year, there is no question Norv Turner would get the boot. Mercilus would be a great addition to this struggling pass rush, and should be able to improve the Charger's playoff chances.

19. Chicago Bears: G Cordy Glenn: In 2010, no offensive line was worse then that of Chicago. Though the Bears allowed 7 fewer sacks last season, they are in need of some major changes. With the 19th pick in the draft, the Bears should select Georgia guard Cordy Glenn. Glenn is incredibly agile for someone his size, which makes him even more lethal. Just because he is fast does not mean he is not strong. In fact, Glenn has long, powerful arms that allow him to block the defender with ease. Glenn is also a great run blocker and, lucky for Chicago, would be able to protect running backs Matt Forte and Michael Bush. Just two years ago, the Bears made it to the NFC Championship game, and if they wish for this to happen again, they need to start off by drafting Cordy Glenn.

Whitney Mercilus
20. Tennessee Titans:  CB Dre Kirkpatrick: With the departure of cornerback Cortland Finnegan in free agency, the Titans are now left without a shut down corner. Many experts believe they will try and go after a corner in the first round, and the one best for Tennessee is Dre Kirkpatrick of Alabama. Kirkpatrick is a great man-to-man corner, and does not get beaten on jump balls. He has trouble defending large wide receivers, which could create some problems in the NFL, but his athleticism and speed makes up for it. Stephon Gilmore is another great pick, and either way both corners would do a great job of replacing Cortland Finnegan.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: CB Stephon Gilmore: The cornerback situation in Cincinnati is a mess. DB Leon Hall is coming off of an achilles rupture, and there is no guarantee he can play to his full potential next season. The Bengals will also need to find a long term replacement for Jonathan Joseph. Even though Kirkpatrick is no longer on the board, Stephon Gilmore is a great alternative. Gilmore is just 6'1, but has great athleticism. Though he specializes in the zone defense, Gilmore has the potential to be a great man to man defender as well. The Bengals defensive unit was surprisingly reliable last year, and if they can add a great cornerback to their squad, they may be able to make a deep playoff run. 

22. Cleveland Browns: WR Kendall Wright: Last season, the Cleveland Browns played spectacular on the defensive side of the ball. However, offense was a different story. The Browns ranked 27th in passing touchdowns per game, mainly due to the struggle of quarterback Colt McCoy. If the Browns could start off by giving McCoy a weapon at wide receiver, they could give the Steelers and Ravens a run for their money. The best wide receiver remaining is Kendall Wright of Baylor University. Alongside quarterback RGIII, Wright caught for 1,663 yards and 14 touchdowns. By the end of his career, Kendall Wright owned 10 Baylor receiving records. His size is a problem, and he will have to rely a lot on his explosiveness if he wishes to make big plays. After drafting Trent Richardson, the Cleveland Browns should be happy with yet another great offensive weapon.

23. Detroit Lions: OT Mike Adams: Since 2008, no team has turned their franchise around better then the Lions of Detroit. Their turn around began after drafting quarterback Matthew Stafford with the first pick. The Lions offense ranked 5th overall in total offense, the main contributor for their success. If they wish to strengthen their offense, the best pick at 23 is OT Mike Adams. The offensive tackle has extraordinary technique with an exceptional build (6'8 320 pounds).  The Lions are in need of someone who can protect Stafford, and if Adams were to succeed in Detroit, the Lions could make it all the way to New Orleans in 2013.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers: ILB Dont'a Hightower: Historically, the Pittsburgh Steelers have always been known for their defense. However, last year's defense looked relatively old, where the average starter was 29 years old. After the release of inside linebacker James Farrior, Dont'a Hightower would be a great new addition to the Steelers defense. At the combine, Hightower was checked in at 6'3, 265 pounds, a reasonable build for any inside linebacker. Hightower is extraordinary when it comes to defending the run, for he is extremely versatile. Even though he was clocked at 4.68 in the 40 yard dash, his speed does not always show on the field. If the Steelers wish to make it past the 1st round in the playoffs, drafting Dont'a Hightower and adding more youth to the roster is a nice first step.

25. Denver Broncos: DT Michael Brockers: After making what may be the biggest signing of 2012 (Peyton Manning), the Denver Broncos should enter this year's draft with more confidence. One thing they need to be worried about is opponents rushing the bull in order to keep Manning off the field. The best solution would be drafting defensive tackle Michael Brockers. Many have Brockers being taken earlier in the draft (which just might be true), but I believe Brockers will find his way untaken once it is time for Denver to make their pick. Brockers is the ideal defensive tackle; large, quick, and athletic. The LSU alum gets a great jump on the ball, along with tremendous lateral agility. If Brockers can defend the run like he did in college, the Denver Broncos will find themselves competing for the NFL title.

26. Houston Texans: WR Stephen Hill: The Houston Texans have made it clear they wish to draft a wide receiver come April 26. With the 26th pick in the draft, the best wide receiver still on the board is Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech. Can you imagine the WR duo of Andre Johnson and 6'4-215-pound wide receiver Stephen Hill? Hill is everything you need in a wide receiver, and resembles All-Pro Calvin Johnson in certain respects. Hill has the capability of making big plays, but from time to time will drop the easy pass. He will need to work on his consistency, and, if he succeeds, could make a few Pro Bowl teams later on in his career. For the first time in franchise history, the Texans managed to win the AFC South last season, and adding Stephen Hill would ensure a back to back division title.

27. New England Patriots: DE/OLB Nick Perry: For the second time in four years, the New England Patriots made it back to the Super Bowl, just to lose it all against the Giants. New England's pass rush is mediocre, something they need to work on in this year's draft. The best defensive end they can select with the 27th pick is Nick Perry. As a junior in 2011, Perry totaled 54 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 13 tackles for loss and 3 forced fumbles. Had he stayed for his senior year, Perry would be a top 10 pick in the 2013 draft. The USC defender is a great pass rusher, with exceptional size and speed. Perry would fit well into the Patriots defensive scheme, and might be able to lead them back to the championship game in New Orleans next season.

28. Green Bay Packers: OLB Shea McClellin: The Green Bay Packers' defense was somewhat of a disappointment last season. Instead of ranking as one of the league's best defenses like in 2010, the Packers ranked dead last in passing yards allowed, receiving yards allowed, and total yards allowed. However, if they were to draft OLB Shea McClellin who can put more pressure on the opposing team's quarterback, these numbers would gradually decrease. McClellin is a spectacular pass rusher, and would play great alongside Pro-Bowl linebacker Clay Mathews. It is rare that McClellin gives up on a play, and if his motivation can over into the NFL, he could make a few Pro-Bowl team's himself.

29. Baltimore Ravens: C Peter Konz: Ever since the Ravens missed a game winning field goal in the AFC Championship game, things have not gone well. Baltimore has been unsuccessful in signing star running back Ray Rice. Even though Rice will likely be in a Ravens uniform come September, the Ravens are DEFINITELY without guard Ben Grubbs. They are at a loss right now, and the best way to fill void would be drafting center Peter Konz. Baltimore still has their starting center in Matt Birk, but Konz would be a great replacement as soon as his career with the Ravens ends. Konz clearly possess the size necessary to do well in the NFL (6'5, 315 pounds), and has few problems with his game. He is a smart player, and as soon as he gets his hands on a defender, it is difficult for them to escape. Baltimore will look to win their first Super Bowl since 2000, and upgrading their offense may improve their chances.

30. San Francisco 49ers: TE Coby Fleener: The major headline from 2011 is the extraordinary turnaround of San Francisco. Ever since the 49ers hired Jim Harbaugh as head coach, there is a new energy in San Fran. Harbaugh is a big fan of having two tight ends, which is why Coby Fleener would be a great pick in the 1st round. Ironically, Fleener played for Stanford University, and was a reliable weapon for Andrew Luck (667 yards, 10 touchdowns). Fleener has an impressive build at 6'6, 247 pounds, but also possesses moderate speed. Like most tight ends, his size allows him to have a large catch radius, one of the biggest in this year's class. The tight end position is the most important role in any team's offense behind QB, and Fleener could be key in the 49ers success come playoff time.

31. New England Patriots: CB Janoris Jenkins: Though I doubt the Patriots will keep hold of this pick instead of trading it away, Janoris Jenkins would be a spectacular new addition to such a struggling pass defense. The Patriots secondary was the 31st ranked defense when it came to passing yards allowed, only ahead of Green Bay. Enter Janoris Jenkins. He may be small at 5'10, but his other attributes make up for it. Jenkins faired well against some of the nation's top receivers such as AJ Green and Julio Jones, noted to play bigger than his size. He may have had trouble with the law in the past, but Bill Belichick is always willing to take on a challenge. The sooner the Patriots can strengthen their secondary, the sooner they win their 4th Super Bowl.

32. New York Giants: RB Doug Martin: As the defending champions start off their season, their have not been any major changes. However, the one loss that could affect New York is the departure of free agent running back Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs' role in the offense was as a power back who could gain the extra two or three yards. Number one running back Trent Richardson may be off the board, but the Giants could select Doug Martin of Boise State. Martin may not have the same explosiveness as David Wilson, but overall, Martin is a better running back. His consistency and work ethic are both tremendous, and possesses the intangibles needed to be a top running back. He's not the same power back as Brandon Jacobs per say, but Martin never gives up on the play, always trying to earn the extra yard.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Top 10 Nike NFL Jerseys

     Less then a month ago, the National Football League decided it was time to change each team's jersey. The previous designers were those of Reebok, who had exclusive rights to manufacture the jerseys worn by players since 2002. However, it was announced in 2012 that Nike will be the ones producing and selling the NFL uniforms. The jerseys have finally been completed, and released to the public. Though they are not that much different then the ones in 2011, The NFL Report will rank the top 10 Nike NFL jerseys.

10. Atlanta Falcons: To start off the list, I believe the number 10 spot is owned by the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have always had great jerseys, especially due in part with the bright red as their primary color. I believe these uniforms have the potential to be number one (for example, making the helmets red and the jerseys black), but they still deserve a spot in the top 10.

9. Miami Dolphins: I am extremely disappointed with Nike that they did not go with the orange uniform for Miami. However, the turquoise blue remains a classic jersey in pro sports. The colors of turquoise and orange scream Miami, and reminds me a lot of the Flint Tropics (Semi-Pro). Even though I think Nike could have done better, the Dolphins still have one of the best jerseys in the league.

8. Minnesota Vikings: In sports, nothing is more unique then the colors of the Minnesota Vikings. Purple is not your average uniform color, nor is it common to find purple matched with yellow. When it comes to design, Minnesota is in a league of its own. I am glad that Nike did not make any major changes, and I wish the Vikings uniform will be left untouched for the rest of this franchise's history.

7. Carolina Panthers: After a slight change to their logo, the Panthers have stuck with the same jersey design, a smart decision on their part. I love the black and blue jerseys, for they are sleek, as well as bold. Blue helmets would have been a nice touch, but the Panthers have a spectacular color scheme in which they need to keep.

6. Green Bay Packers: The only team with a better color scheme then the Minnesota Vikings belongs to the Packers of Green Bay. If we were taking the helmets into account, Green Bay would have the best uniform hands down. Green and yellow are the best two colors, not only in football, but in all of sports. The jerseys are decent, even though I believe there should be a lot more yellow thrown into the mix.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers jersey is one of the more prestigious uniforms in all of football. The black with yellow sleeves are two great colors when matched, and I love the large Steelers logo in the top left corner. I believe Nike should have gone with yellow helmets to add more color, but the Steelers jersey itself is another perfect 10. 

4. Cincinnati Bengals: In the eyes of football fans, they either love the Bengals jersey, or they don't. These new jerseys from Nike are perfect, for they have the black and white with orange on the sleeves (the stripes on the shoulders are a nice touch as well). The Bengals jersey has made several improvements since the franchise began in 1970, and I love the new uniforms produced by Nike.

3. Buffalo Bills: I assume several people would disagree with the Bills at number three, but I absolutely love these royal blue jerseys. Honestly, there is nothing that Nike could have done to improve such spectacular uniforms, but I am especially glad they chose to keep the stripes.

2. Kansas City Chiefs: I may not be a huge fan of the helmets in Kansas City, but the jerseys are a different story. The red and yellow are absolutely perfect together, and have been for the past 52 years. Similar to Buffalo, the white and yellow stripes on the sleeve are a great addition to such a spectacular tradition.

1. Denver Broncos: I am absolutely dumbfounded by how much I adore these jerseys. It was a great idea on Nike's part to have Denver return to orange as their primary color for home games. After adding Peyton Manning to the team, Denver has made yet another change in 2012. Not everyone will be a fan of the orange, but the Broncos in my opinion will have the greatest home jerseys come September.

Thanks for the read and feel free to comment on your top 10 Nike jerseys!
Also, you can pre-order your team's jersey at the NFL Shop!

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Three Breakout Players in 2012

     There is a lot of change happening in the National Football League; players being signed, coaches getting canned, and franchises starting off the year with a clean slate (the draft in April will only add to the chaos). Not only are teams adjusting, but the new season will cause several players to flourish. After their flashes of brilliance in 2011, here are 3 players destined for a breakout season come 2012.

CJ Spiller
1. RB CJ Spiller: For 2 years, CJ Spiller had sat on the bench, watching running back Fred Jackson dominate defenses day in and day out. That all changed when Jackson fractured his fibula against the Miami Dolphins last year. In the final 6 games of the season, Spiller averaged 74 yards per game, with 5 total touchdowns. Over the course of the season, Spiller also maintained an average of 5.2 yards per carry, a statistic higher than Maurice Jones-Drew, Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy. While playing for Clemson as a senior, Spiller ran for 1,212 yards with 12 touchdowns. The 6th overall draft-pick possesses extraordinary speed (official 40-yard dash time of 4.37) capable of blowing by defenders. With Jackson still harnessing an injury, it is likely that Buffalo will have the two rushers split the carries, at least for the first few games. Once the 2012 season is in full bloom, CJ Spiller will become one of the elite rushers in the NFL.

2. QB Matt Flynn: Though quarterback Matt Flynn has started in just two professional games, the LSU alum is one of the largest gambles made by an NFL team in recent history. Against Detroit in Week 17, Flynn showed off his arm by passing for a whopping 480 yards and 6 touchdowns, both Packer records. Back in 2010, Matt Flynn gave Tom Brady and the New England Patriots a run for their money while Aaron Rodgers nursed a concussion. Now that Flynn is a Seahawk, he has several decent receivers like Sidney Rice and Mike Williams. Arm strength, accuracy, and confidence are all apparent attributes, so don’t be surprised when Matt Flynn leads Seattle to yet another playoff birth.

3. WR Malcom Floyd: Unlike most NFL players, wide receiver Malcom Floyd showed his true potential at age 30. The 6’6” Charger has exceptional speed for someone his size, which is why Floyd is such a dangerous option deep down field. In 2010, Malcom Floyd had the highest yards per catch average among any wide receivers, with a minimum of 10 receptions. Though the Chargers acquired Robert Meachem to replace Vincent Jackson, it will take time for him to be a part of this offense. As for tight end Antonio Gates, the 8 time pro bowler has been battling injuries for the past two years, and there is no guarantee he can stay healthy in 2012. In his 9th NFL season, Floyd should blossom as one of the leagues most deadly receivers.

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Important Announcement

For the past month and a half, The NFL Report has written an insufficient amount of entries. I apoligize for this, but don't worry, I am working on a mock draft wich should be released within the next week or so! Stay tuned!