Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CBB to NBA Player Comparisons: Gary Harris

Gary Harris is a polished scorer who can light up the basket from every spot on the court.  This simultaneous ability to knock down threes and finish around the rim reminds me of Suns shooting guard Gerald Green.  Both Green and Harris have great strokes from outside and midrange, while they also have the athleticism to make highlight-reel plays when they are slashing to the hoop.  Outside of this offensive production, though, neither of them really dominate in other parts of the game.  They both are mediocre rebounders and passers, while they play average defense.  They are, however, solid locker room leaders with high basketball IQ's.  Thus, though any team that drafts Harris won't be investing in a guy who will impact every aspect of the game, they will be getting a guy who can but the ball in the basket with consistency, make dynamic plays around the rim, and be a solid locker room presence. Those characteristics are exactly what Gerald Green has brought to every NBA team that he has played for.

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