Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 17 Predictions

This is it, the final week of football. Several teams are in the hunt for a playoff spot, and a loss may ruin their hopes of a championship win this season. Though many teams are looking for a win, three teams may actually want to lose in order to draft Andrew Luck. Indianapolis (2-13), Minnesota (3-12) and St. Louis (2-13) all want the star QB, for he is projected to be on of the best prospects of his generation. A total of 7 teams look to clinch a playoff spot this weekend, and the 2011 regular season should go out with a bang!

Cam Newton
Game-to-Watch: Cowboys at Giants: The division rivalry game this weekend decides which team will earn the fourth seed, and which team is eliminated from the playoffs. The last time these two teams played, Eli Manning threw for 400 yards and 2 touchdowns in a win on the road. However, the win did not come easily. In fact, it came down to a blocked field goal attempt from kicker Dan Bailey which would have sent the game into OT. Now, the Cowboys need injured quarterback Tony Romo to lead his team to a win over the rolling New York Giants. The Cowboys have been extremely inconsistent the past few games, losing to the Philadelphia Eagles 20-7 last weekend. The Giants on the other hand dominated the New York Jets 29-14 away from home in Week 16. Eli Manning has not been great the past two games, but he should be able to bounce back against the weak Dallas secondary. All in all, New York has the edge in this one, and they should be a threat in the playoffs.
Giants over Cowboys 31-10

Stand-Out Performance: QB Matthew Stafford: Usually, this quarterback would not be picked as a stand out performer during the regular season. However, with many great players being sat in Week 17 in order to stay healthy for the playoffs, Stafford should be playing in as much of the game as he can. In the past two games, Stafford has thrown for 7 passing touchdowns and a total of 764 yards. The Lions look to clinch a playoff spot as they play Green Bay on Sunday. Green Bay will have many of their star defensive players on the bench, so expect Stafford to come out firing.
Mathew Stafford: 295 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 1 rushing TD

Player-to-Watch: RB Marshawn Lynch: For the first time this season, a running back was able to score a rushing touchdown against the impenetrable 49ers defense. This running back was Marshawn Lynch, the dominant rusher for Seattle. In the past nine games, Lynch has averaged 97.6 rushing yards per game and scored a whopping 11 total touchdowns. This weekend, he will play the Arizona Cardinals at home, so look to see if he adds on to his rushing touchdown numbers.
Marshawn Lynch: 75 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD

Week 17 Predictions:

Lions over Packers

Texans over Titans

Jaguars over Colts

Dolphins over Jets

Bears over Vikings

Patriots over Bills

Saints over Panthers

Eagles over Redskins

49ers over Rams

Seahawks over Cardinals (OT)

Falcons over Buccaneers

Ravens over Bengals (OT)

Steelers over Browns

Broncos over Chiefs

Raiders over Chargers

Giants over Cowboys

Playoff Scenarios: 
Bengals: Win or loss by Jets AND loss by either Raiders or Broncos
Raiders: Win and loss by Bengals OR win and loss by Broncos
Titans: Win AND loss by Bengals AND either win by Jets or Broncos win and Raiders win
Jets: Win AND loss by Bengals AND loss by Titans AND either loss by Broncos or Raiders

The NFL Report Projected Playoff Seeding:

AFC: 1. Patriots   2. Ravens   3. Texans   4. Broncos   5. Steelers   6. Raiders
NFC: 1. Packers   2. 49ers   3. Saints   4. Giants   5. Lions   6. Atlanta

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 16 Predictions

     The 16th week of football started off with a bang; the 1-13 Indianapolis Colts defeated the playoff bound Texans 19-16 at home. Granted, the Texans were missing both Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub, and they may not have been playing to their full abilities, but this loss shocked many football fans across the country. These past few weeks have been full of upsets, so I do not except this pattern to stop on Saturday. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays from The NFL Report!

Reggie Bush
Game-to-Watch: Giants at Jets: The Battle of New York. This weekend, both New York teams face off in a rivalry game in order to come closer towards a playoff spot. The New York Jets are coming off of a horrendous performance against Philadelphia. The Jets' offense has done well this season, ranked 7th in points per game (24.7). The Jets defense has not been as stellar as in previous years (ranked 21 in points allowed per game with 22.5), so they must step up in order to win against Eli Mannning's team. As for the Giants, the defense may not have spectacular stats (ranked 28th in points allowed with 26.6), but it can be clutch when it needs to be. The offense is led by quarterback Eli Manning, who has done EXTREMELY well this season. The battle of New York should be close, and it will come down to how well the Giants can bounce back from a 1-5 record the past six games.
Jets over Giants: 24-20

Stand-Out Performance: QB Cam Newton: The 2011 Rookie of the Year front-runner has done extremely well in his first year out of Auburn. Newton has thrown for 3,722 yards and 17 touchdowns. However, the most spectacular feature of Cam Newton is his running ability; Newton has rushed for 13 touchdowns, the most by a QB this season. As he plays Tampa Bay on Saturday, it should be an absolutely dominating performance. The last time the Heisman winner played Tampa Bay, Newton scored 4 total touchdowns with 204 passing yards. This weekend should be no different, and I except him to tear apart such a weak defense.
Cam Newton: 250 passing yards, 2 passing TD's, 2 rushing TD's

Player-to-Watch: QB Drew Brees: For 27 years, Dan Marino's single season passing yard record has remained unbroken. However, this record of 5,084 yards may be surpassed as soon as this weekend by none other than Drew Brees. The Saints quarterback already has 4,780 passing yards, leaving him 304 yards away from tying the record. Luckily, Brees averages 341.4 passing yards per game as of Week 16, so there is a chance the record will be snapped even before the 4th quarter against Atlanta. Brees has not missed a game since 2009, and is not prone to injuries. All the signs are in favor of Brees, so watch on Monday Nights as he makes history against the Falcons.
Drew Brees: 325 passing yards, 3 passing TD's

Week 16 Predictions:

Ravens over Browns

Broncos over Bills

Panthers over Buccaneers

Bengals over Cardinals

Raiders over Chiefs

Patriots over Dolphins (OT)

Jets over Giants

Steelers over Rams

Titans over Jaguars

Vikings over Redskins

Lions over Chargers

Eagles over Cowboys

49ers over Seahawks

Packers over Bears

Saints over Falcons

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Denver Gator

     Tim Tebow; the name is everywhere. You see him on ESPN, in sports magazines, and more recently, on TV shows (click here to watch the SNL skit). Off the field, Tebow has managed to prove the critics wrong by winning 6 out of his last 7 games. Though his passing game tends to be atrocious, the ex-Florida Gator has resurrected a dying team thanks to many late 4th quarter come-backs. In Week 15 against the Patriots, the Broncos' magical win streak was snapped, proving the great Tim Tebow could be defeated. Now, with two games left in the season, it appears like his team will make the playoffs for the first time in 6 years.
Tim Tebow
     Entering the 2010 draft, NFL recruiters saw him as a great athlete, but they believed his throwing mechanics needed several adjustments. For this reason, the Heisman winner was projected to be drafted in the second or third round. However, in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft, Tebow was selected 25th overall by the Denver Broncos. This surprise pick caught many football fans off guard, especially those in Denver. It was not until Week 15 of the 2010 season where Tebow started in his first professional game. Though he did not win against the Raiders that week, he went 8 for 16, with 1 rushing TD and 1 passing TD. His rookie season may not have been great, but the religious quarterback showed signs of stardom.
     If there is anything Tebow is good at, it is being able to escape defenders using his legs. He may not be the fastest player on the field, but the 218 pound Bronco always manages to pick up a few key yards on third down. No doubt Tim Tebow has amazing arm strength, but the main problem involves the length in which it takes for him to throw. He loses precious time when throwing the ball due to the fact he makes a loop with his arm. Many QB experts helped in shortening his throwing motion, but his form continues to need some minor adjustments. If he wishes to do well in the league, he must work on his passing game instead of depending on the running game so deeply.
     Tebow sure has been spectacular this season, leading his team to an 8-6 record as of December 21. This sophomore quarterback has many years ahead of him in the NFL, wether those years be good or bad, we do not know. It will be interesting to see if Tebow can lead his team to a Super Bowl, or if opposing defenses will finally able to shut him down. Either way, the Broncos quarterback has a lot of potential, the question is, will in be successful in years to come?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week 15 Predictions

This year's regular season is winding down, and four teams (Texans, Saints, 49ers and Packers) have already clinched a playoff spot. However, many teams remain in the playoff hunt. In the 15th week of football, the 10-3 Pittsburgh Steelers look to defeat the San Francisco 49ers in order to come closer towards clinching home field advantage. However, the 49ers have just as much to play for in this battle of the defenses,  so expect them to play 100%. This game is not the only great matchup in Week 15; Tim Tebow and the Broncos take on Tom Brady's Patriots at Denver. The Denver Broncos are the only team Tom Brady does not have a career record above .500, so he will look to change that this weekend. Week 15 should be another great week of football and make sure to watch Pittsburgh battle it out with San Francisco on Monday night.

Rob Gronkowski
Game-to-Watch: Steelers at 49ers: Last weekend, the 49ers waltzed into Arizona expecting an easy win. However, the overly confident San Francisco team were handed their third loss of the season. Luckily for the 49ers, their rush defense has yet to allow a rushing touchdown, so they might be able to shut down Rashard Mendenhall in order to compete with such a highly skilled team. The Steelers on the other hand are on a four game winning streak, with a 2-0 record against non conference teams. Pittsburgh's defense is ranked 1st overall in passing yards allowed, and clearly will not face any sort of challenge against Alex Smith. Both teams have been playing without key players due to injuries (Troy Polumalu for the Steelers and Patrick Willis for the 49ers). The Steelers should be able to overpower the weak 49ers offense, and Big Ben will improve his team's record to 11-3. 
Steelers over 49ers: 27-10

Stand-Out Performance: QB Drew Brees: If anyone deserves to break Dan Marino's passing record this season, it is Drew Brees. Brees has been absolutely flawless each game, and already has 32 passing touchdowns (one less than last year). In Week 14, the Saints QB tour apart the Titan's defense, passing for 337 yards and two touchdowns. This week, he should do even better against the weak Minnesota defense. The Vikings rank dead last in passing touchdowns allowed with 26. If anyone can exploit their defense's weaknesses, it is Drew Brees.
Drew Brees: 375 passing yards, 4 passing TD's

Player-to-Watch: TE Rob Gronkowski: For the past six games, the unstoppable force in Rob Gronkowski has managed to reach the end zone 10 times. Last weekend against the Redskins, Gronk set the record for the most touchdowns in a single season by a tight end, even with three games left in the season. Gronkowski goes up against the Denver Broncos, a team with a mediocre pass defense. He has been extremely dominant in 2011, and it does not look like this run will stop anytime soon.
Rob Gronkowski: 90 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD

Week 15 Predictions:

Cowboys over Buccaneers 

Dolphins over Bills

Seahawks over Bears

Texans over Panthers

Titans over Colts

Packers over Chiefs

Saints over Vikings

Giants over Redskins

Bengals over Rams

Lions over Raiders (OT)

Cardinals over Browns (OT)

Patriots over Broncos

Jets over Eagles

Ravens over Chargers

Steelers over 49ers

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Week 14 Predictions

With just 4 weeks remaining in the NFL season, three different quarterbacks are on track to surpass Dan Marino's single season passing record (5,084 passing yards); Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. This 27 year old record is clearly going to be ended by the end of the year. However, the question is, which quarterback is going to set the new record? Drew Brees appears to be the most likely candidate for both the new passing record and the 2011 Offensive Player of the Year Award. This weekend, the New Orleans Saints play Tennessee on the road, an easy game statistically for Drew Brees. Week 14 is important for playoff hopefuls, and should be another great week of football!

Chris Johnson
Game-to-Watch: Raiders at Packers: After a thrilling last second win over the New York Giants in Week 13, Aaron Rodger's Packers remain undefeated. As of December 10th, Green Bay is ranked 4th overall in total offense (405.2 per game) and passing yards per game (308.8 yards). However, even these outstanding statistics can not accurately portray the absolute dominance of the Packers offense. Green Bay has scored more total points than any other team in the NFL, allowing them to have the most net points in the league (158). The Oakland Raiders on the other hand are coming off of an atrocious road loss against the Miami Dolphins. It will be important for the Raider's rushing game to do well (ranked 4th overall) if they want to hand Green Bay it's first loss. Otherwise, this game will be a blow-out.
Packer over Raiders: 34-20

Stand-Out Performance: RB Ray Rice: Last weekend, Ray Rice completely tour apart the Cleveland Brown defense, rushing for 204 yards and a touchdown. This weekend, the star running back will go up against the weak Colts defense. Indianapolis has allowed the most rushing touchdowns in the NFL (17) and the third most rushing yards so far this season (144.2). Rice is one of the league's best when it comes to explosive speed. This weekend, he should have another great game, and lead his team to an easy win over the winless Colts.
Ray Rice: 155 Rushing yards, 2 Rushing TD's

Player-to-Watch: WR Percy Harvin: Finally, the 2009 Rookie of the Year Award has reached his full potential. These past three weeks, Harvin has caught 16 passes for 251 yards and three touchdowns. Harvin's skill has been effected by ongoing migraine problems, the main reason he has not had many extraordinary games. If his migraines do not act up again, Harvin should do extremely well this weekend against the Detroit Lions.
Percy Harvin: 65 Receiving yards, 1 TD

Week 13 Predictions:

Ravens over Colts

Falcons over Panthers

Texans over Bengals

Lions over Vikings

Jaguars over Buccaneers

Dolphins over Eagles

Jets over Chiefs

Saints over Titans

Patriots over Redskins

49ers over Cardinals

Broncos over Bears

Packers over Raiders

Chargers over Bills

Giants over Cowboys

Seahawks over Rams

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 13 Predictions

Maurice Jones Drew
I know I mentioned it last week, but once again I must ask: Is this the week Green Bay loses for the first time this season? Aaron Rodgers and the Packers must play another difficult game on the road against the 6-5 New York Giants. The Packers appear to be the favorites, but there is always the chance of an upset. As for the Detroit Lions, they will be without star DT Ndamukong Suh. His dumb decision may cost his team a playoff spot without such an important defensive player. It should be interesting how each team does this weekend, and I wish you all luck in the last week of fantasy football!

Game-to-Watch: This season, the spectacular offense in New Orleans has been overlooked due to the undefeated Green Bay Packers. However, Drew Brees and the Saints rank 1st overall in total yards per game (449.6), 1st in passing yards per game (324.2) and 2nd in points per game (32.9). However, this Super Bowl contender has yet to secure a playoff spot, with Atlanta just one game behind in the standings. The rest of the season is not exactly smooth sailing for New Orleans, especially with a tough game against Detroit. Fortunately for New Orleans, Detroit will be without Ndamukong Suh due to a suspension. In order for Detroit to remain a legitimate playoff contender, they must win this weekend against Drew Brees' team, something that does not happen often.
Saints over Lions 38-20

Stand-Out Performance: QB Tom Brady: Most years, when the Colt splay the Patriots, it is a great game. This season, though, Indianapolis is 0-11, with an absolutely horrendous defense. The Colts have allowed 19 passing touchdowns this year, tied for 23rd in the league. However, this week, they must play future Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady, who is coming off of a 360 yard passing game with 3 touchdowns. Obviously, Brady will tear apart this weak secondary, so you can expect a great game out of him.
Tom Brady: 385 passing yards, 4 passing TDs

Player-to-Watch: Laurent Robinson: When you are told a Cowboys wide receiver has caught 7 touchdowns in 5 games, Laurent Robinson is not the name that first comes to mind. However, it is true; Laurent Robinson has been tearing apart team's secondaries the past five games. Ever since WR Miles Austin left early in Week 9 with a hamstring injury, Robinson has been Romo's go to receiver. This weekend against Arizona, Austin will remain injured and has not been cleared to play. Now, there is no reason for Robinson not to do well against such a weak secondary.
Laurent Robinson: 65 receiving yards

Week 13 Predictions:

Titans over Bills

Bears over Chiefs

Texans over Falcons

Raiders over Dolphins

Broncos over Vikings

Patriots over Colts

Steelers over Bengals

Panthers over Buccaneers

Jets over Redskins

Ravens over Browns

Cowboys over Cardinals

Packers over Giants

49ers over Rams

Saints over Lions

Chargers over Jaguars

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 13 Power Rankings

     There are five games left in the 2011 regular season, and only one team, the Green Bay Packers, remains undefeated. They will be tested this weekend as they face the New York Giants away from Lambeau field. Clearly, the Packers are ranked first in this week's power rankings, but many other top spots are up in the air.  Tebow and the Denver Broncos managed to pull off a win against the struggling San Diego Chargers in an overtime win. Now, the Broncos are considered to be a legitimate playoff contender in this crazy year of football. Week 13 should be great, and The NFL Report has everything you need to know about the 13th week of football. Enjoy, and be sure to comment!

1. Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers has done extremely well this year, with great statistics, amazing intelligence, and an 11-0 record. The Packers offense has been nearly unstoppable, especially with a WR corp consisting of Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and Jermichael Finley. The defense, ranked 30th overall in yards allowed per game, obviously needs to do better if they want to have a perfect season.

2. Baltimore Ravens: After a win against the San Francisco 49ers, the Ravens look to be a great Super Bowl contender. Baltimore's defense is doing extremely well, ranked 3rd overall in terms of points allowed per game. The only problem is the inconsistent Baltimore passing game. If the Ravens want to win the Super Bowl, Joe Flacco must improve before the playoffs start.

3. New Orleans Saints: After a dominating performance against the New York Giants, the Saints appear to be playing extremely well. Saints quarterback Drew Brees is on track to break Dan Marino's single season passing yard record, and is a clear contender for the MVP award. Overall, New Orleans is ranked 1st in terms of total offense (449.6) and 1st in terms of passing yards per game (324.2). The Saints are on a 3 game win streak, and don't expect them to stop as they face the Detroit Lions this weekend.

4. San Francisco 49ers: Sure the 49ers are 9-2, but they are coming off of disappointing loss against the Baltimore Ravens. San Francisco has done extremely well when it comes to defense, and they have yet to let up a rushing touchdown this season. The offense in San Fran is mediocre at best, especially with a struggling QB (ranked 29th overall in passing yards per game). I believe if the 49ers were to play better teams in the NFC (such as the Packers, Saints and Bears), they would not be as high up in the power rankings. However, the big game will come against the Steelers in Week 15. Until then, San Francisco is 4th overall in this week's power rankings.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: The 8-3 Pittsburgh Steelers just squeaked by against the struggling Kansas City Chiefs, winning 13-9. Though the Steelers' offense was not exactly stellar, the defense managed to hold Kansas City to just 9 points. If Ben Roethlisberger can improve his game, the Steelers will make a deep playoff run this January.

6. New England Patriots: Last weekend, Tom Brady and the Patriots tour apart the Philadelphia Eagles 38-20. However, the Patriots are dead last in total yards allowed per game, passing yards allowed per game, and receiving yards allowed per game. If the Patriots can not fix their horrific defense, they will have a hard time making it past the first round of the playoffs.

7. Even without quarterback Matt Schaub, the Texans were able to beat Jacksonville on the road, stretching their win streak to 5 games. They key to the Texans success; a spectacular defense. Houston ranks 1st overall in total yards allowed per game (268.4), 2nd in passing yards allowed per game (175.8), and 4th in rushing yards allowed per game (92.5). However, with Schaub on the IR, they may have some difficulty against Atlanta next weekend.

8. Oakland Raiders: Even without star running back Darren Mcfadden the past few games, the Oakland Raiders beat the Chicago Bears and the San Diego Chargers. Oakland is first in the AFC West with a 7-4 record. The Raiders defense has not been great, so it is important for the offense (more importantly the rushing game) to do well for the last few games.

9. Cincinnati Bengals: Though the Bengals are competing in a difficult AFC North, they are doing extremely well this year. Andy Dalton has done well this year, and has become a more experienced quarterback in the NFL. Not to mention, Cincinnati's defense has done extremely well (ranked 5th in total yards allowed per game). The Bengals still have a chance at making the playoffs if their offense can finish the year off strongly.

10. Chicago Bears: Though they are coming off of a loss against the Oakland Raiders, Chicago has done extremely well this year, especially when it comes to defense. Running back Matt Forte leads a somewhat weak Bears offense, especially without quarterback Jay Cutler. The next few games should be rather easy (besides Green Bay), so hopefully Chicago will be able to resurrect themselves after a loss against Oakland. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 12 Predictions

For the first time in a long time, the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving game will actually be entertaining; the Lions will face off against their division rivals in the Green Bay Packers. Today's match-up may bring the Packers their first loss of the season. However, if the Packers win today's game, their is a large chance they will remain undefeated by season's end. The other great game this Thanksgiving is the battle of the Harbaughs as the Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers. This game will be the first time two head coaches who are brothers play each other in a football game. Today should have many great games, and The NFL Report wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Patrick Willis
Game-to-Watch: Packers at Lions: There is now way to avoid it; the Green Bay Packers have a great chance at becoming the second team to have a 16-0 regular season record. As they travel to Detroit, however, the Lions may be the only team who can stop the Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Last weekend, Detroit almost lost to Cam Newton's Panthers, which would have been an amazing upset. Luckily, Matthew Stafford passed for five touchdowns in this shootout, rallying past the Panthers to give his team a 7-3 record. On the other hand, the Packer played Tampa Bay at Lambeau Field. Green Bay led the entire game, yet their were times where it looked like the Buccaneers may come from behind. Once again, Rodgers had a spectacular game, winning 35-26. The Packers defense has done well the past few games, but it is clearly not as dominate as last year's. The Lions depend a lot on their offense, but the key for them to come out on top is to stop Aaron Rodgers (5th in passing yards allowed per game this season). The game will be close, but Aaron Rodgers will be too much for Detroit, and his Packers will improve their record to 11-0.
Packers over Lions 23-16

Stand-Out Performance: WR Steve Smith: Four years ago, Steve Smith was considered one of the top wide receivers in the league. Then, Smith began to show signs of aging, as he no longer put up Pro Bowl stats. Once the Panthers drafted Heisman winner Cam Newton, Smith's performance completely game. In the first game of the season, Smith caught two touchdown passes with 178 receiving yards. The football world was shocked, but ever since that game, Smith has been extraordinary (in just 10 games he has 992 receiving yards). This weekend, Smith goes up against the Colts defense, ranked dead last in terms of receiving touchdowns given up (19). Smith should tear apart the weak secondary, so expect 30+ fantasy points from this star wide receiver.
Steve Smith: 145 receiving yards, 2 TD's

Player to Watch: RB Kevin Smith: The most interesting headline from Week 11; Lions back-up running back Kevin Smith scored 3 total touchdowns (2 rushing, 1 receiving) and ran for 140 yards. Before the Week 11 game, no one believed Smith could do so well in his first game as a starter. This weekend, he goes up against the Green Bay Packers, a team with a mediocre rush defense. Smith will  try and prove that last weekend's game was not a fluke, so it will be important to keep an eye on him this Thanksgiving.
Kevin Smith: 50 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD

Week 12 Predictions:

Packers over Lions

Cowboys over Dolphins (OT)

Ravens over 49ers

Falcons over Vikings

Bengals over Browns

Panthers over Colts

Texans over Jaguars

Jets over Bills

Cardinals over Rams

Buccaneers over Titans

Bears over Raiders

Seahawks over Redskins

Patriots over Eagles (OT)

Broncos over Chargers

Steelers over Chiefs

Saints over Giants

Darrelle Revis

      Since 2007, one defensive player has dominated the NFL. He has created a name for himself in the league, causing quarterbacks and wide receivers  to fear his presence on the field. The three time Pro-Bowler and two time All-Pro is known for shutting down great wide receivers thanks to his speed, instincts and quickness.  New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is the most well rounded cornerback in the game today.This season, he is considered the top cornerback in the NFL, and it appears like he will remain at the top for many years to come.
Darrelle Revis
     Revis' career began at the Aliquippa High School in Pennsylvania. As a senior, Revis led the Aliquippa football team to the Class AA State Championship where they defeated Northern Lehigh 32-27. That same year, Revis was named the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 2003 Player of the Year. In 2004, Revis committed to the University of Pittsburgh. In his freshman year, he was named to the first-team Freshman All-American team. Revis was extremely dominate for the rest of his college career, especially his last season as a junior where he was nominated for Jim Thorpe Award. Instead of playing college football as a senior, he was eligible for the 2007 NFL draft. Going into the draft, Revis was one of the top three defensive backs of college football. That is why he was drafted 14th overall by the New York Jets.
     In just his first game as a starting cornerback, Revis held Patriots wide reciever Wes Welker to just 6 catches for 61 yards. Immediately, teams knew they had to take Revis seriously. The Jets' rookie sensation had exceptional speed and intellect, leaving offensive coordinators baffled. By the end of his rookie season, Revis only allowed three touchdowns to the receiver whom he was guarding (Lee Evans, Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens). In 2008, Revis' second season in the NFL, he improved quite substantially. In Week 4 of the 2008 season, the Jets faced off against the Arizona Cardinals, and Revis had to cover the great Cardinals wide receiver duo consisting of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Amazingly, Revis intercepted Kurt Warner twice, returning one for a touchdown. Revis did extremely well that year, and many scouts noted he was better at reading plays. By the end of the year, not as many passes came his way; instead, quarterbacks would through towards Jets rookie Dwight Lowery, causing the Jets' pass defense to rank 29th overall. However, Revis still managed to make that season's Pro Bowl.
    Revis started off the 2009 season matched up against wide receiver Andre Johnson, one of the best in the league. Amazingly, he limited Johnson to just four receptions for 35 yards, proving to the fans and media once again that he is one of the top defensive players in the NFL. The next week, the Jets played Brady and the Patriots, where Revis had to defend another Pro-Bowler in Randy Moss.  For the second consecutive week, Revis shut-down his man, allowing Moss to four receptions and 24 receiving yards. Besides letting up two touchdowns, one to Ted Ginn Jr. and one to Randy Moss, Revis was almost perfect for the rest of the year. In Week 16, the Jets played against the 14-0 Indianapolis Colts. Thanks to Revis' great defensive performance (allowing Reggie Wayne to 3 receptions for 33 yards), the Jets handed Peyton Manning his first loss of the season. Revis finished the season strong against Chad Ochocinco by not allowing him to have a single reception. That win allowed Revis the oppurtunity to play in the playoffs once his Jets won the Wild Card with a 9-7 record. The Jets won their first two games in the playoffs, first against the Bengals, and then the Chargers. In the AFC Championship game though, Revis would have to guard Reggie Wayne once more as the Jets played the 14-2 Indianapolis Colts. For the second time, Revis overpowered Wayne, limiting him to just 3 receptions for 55 total yards (Wayne was the only starting wide receiver on the Colts who did not score a touchdown). However, Revis' great performance was not enough, for the Colts dismembered the Jets 30-17.
     The 2010 season did not start very well for Revis, for he missed all of training camp and preseason during a contract holdout (4 years, $32 million). Things only got worse for Revis once the season began. In Week 2,  after getting beat by Randy Moss for a touchdown, Revis strained his hamstring and left the game. He missed the next two games due to his injury. After being activated to play in Week 5 against the Vikings, he re-agravated his hamstring, and left the game early. Next week, against the Broncos, he was told he was ready to play, but, once again, Revis aggravated his hamstring and left the game. Luckily, Revis was able to play the last 8 games of the season, and did extremely well against Pro Bowl wide receivers. While playing the Detroit Lions, Revis limited Calvin Johnson to just 1 reception for 13 yards. Then, two weeks later, Revis overpowered wide receiver Andre Johnson, who caught 4 passes for 32 yards. After winning the Wild Card with a 11-5 record, the Jets beat the Colts in the AFC Wild Card Round thanks to a game winning field goal (Reggie Wayne only had 1 reception for 1 yard against Revis). The next week, Revis and the Jets faced off against the number 1 seeded New England Patriots, a new found rivalry. Revis did not have a spectacular game, but the Jets still managed to upset the Patriots 28-21. So for the second year in a row, the Jets were in the AFC Championship Game, this time against the 2 seeded Steelers. The Steelers dominated the game, especially in the first half, and they managed to win 24-19 over the Jets.
     Revis has done extremely well this season; in the first game of the season, he intercepted Tony Romo, and helped the Jets defeat the Cowboys 27-24. Also, while playing Miami in Week 6, he intercepted 2 passes, one of which he returned 100 yards for a touchdown. In the first 8 games, Revis has only allowed 12 receptions. Plus, when quarterbacks throw in the direction of Revis, they have a passer rating of 2.9. In just 10 games, Revis has intercepted 4 passes, 4 more than last year. Revis looks better than ever, and hopefully, he can resurrect his 5-5 Jets.
     Revis has the ability to shut down corners thanks to his speed, anticipation and intelligence. After making his impact on the league five years ago, quarterbacks know it is not wise to throw his way. Though he may not lead the league in interceptions, he is amazing at taking his man out of the game. Revis is the best cornerback in the league, and possibly this years Defensive Player of the Year. Many great things are in store for Revis, so make sure to keep an eye on the Pro Bowler while he's shutting down your favorite wide receiver.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 11 Predictions

Week 11 started with a surprising upset; The Denver Broncos defeated the New York Jets 17-13 last Thursday night. Now, the Jets' playoff hopes are slowly slipping away as their record becomes a mediocre 5-5. Many teams, the Jets included, must improve their game in order to have any chance of winning the Super Bowl. If not, they must go back to the drawing boards in hopes the 2012 season will be better. Week 11 is extremely important for playoff hopefuls. This Sunday should be great, and The NFL Report has you covered on everything you need to know for the 11th week of football.

James Harrison
Game to Watch: Bengals at Ravens: When you think of the Cincinnati Bengals, a great defense is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the Bengals are among the top 5 defenses in the league (ranked 5th in points allowed per game and 2nd in rushing yards allowed per game). This great defense has allowed the Bengals to be 6-3; tied for second in the competitive AFC North. This weekend, they will play the Baltimore Ravens who also have a 6-3 record.  After this weekend, the winning team will be tied for first place in the AFC North, and the losing team may have their playoff hopes crushed. Both teams are coming off losses, with the Ravens losing to Seattle, and the Bengals losing to Pittsburgh. Baltimore has been extremely inconsistent this season, beating the good teams yet losing to the bad teams. If they can play well, even without LB Ray Lewis (questionable due to a foot injury), the Ravens will win this important division game.
Ravens over Bengals 23-17

Stand-Out Performance: RB LeSean McCoy: So far this season, Eagles RB LeSean McCoy has proved to be the best running back in the NFL. In just 9 games, McCoy has rushed for 906 yards (2nd in the league), 10 rushing touchdowns (tied for 1st in the league), and 5.5 rushing yards per attempt (2nd in the league with a minimum of 125 attempts). This weekend, the Eagles will face-off against the New York Giants at New York. LeSean Mccoy averages 105.75 yards per game on the road, with 6 total touchdowns in four games. As he plays the Giants, a team ranked 26 in terms of rushing TD's allowed (10), McCoy will likely have one of the best games of his career.
LeSean Mccoy: 175 Rushing yards, 2 Rushing TD's

Player to Watch: RB Reggie Bush: It has taken 6 years, but Reggie has finally reached his NFL potential. He has averaged 80 rushing yards in the past three games, the highest yardage average in three consecutive games Bush has had during his entire career. Last weekend, Bush scored twice against the Redskins, just the third time in his career where he ran for two touchdowns in a single game. He has done very well the past three games, so make sure to keep an eye on the "Heisman winner" as he plays against Buffalo this weekend.
Reggie Bush: 65 yards, 1 rushing TD

Week 11 Predictions:

Broncos over Jets (OT)

Ravens over Bengals

Jaguars over Browns

Bills over Dolphins

Lions over Panthers

Packers over Buccaneers

Raiders over Vikings

Cowboys over Redskins

Cardinals over 49ers (OT)

Seahawks over Rams

Falcons over Titans

Bears over Chargers

Giants over Eagles

Patriots over Chiefs

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 9 Predictions

After an eventful Week 8, the midpoint of the NFL season, football fans are bound for an even more exciting weekend in the 9th week of football. Two playoff contenders, the Patriots and the Saints, lost in conference showdowns last weekend, limiting them both to just 5 wins going into Week 9. Looking ahead to Sunday, great games are in store among championship built teams. As usual, The NFL Report has the Week 9 predictions, and be sure to comment!

Michael Turner
Game-to-Watch: Packers at Chargers: In the past two weeks, the Chargers have been rather disappointing, losing to the Chiefs and the Jets, both of which on the road. Finally, Philip Rivers' team will play in their own stadium against the most dominate team in the league. Though Green Bay's offense has been outstanding, the defense has been below par this year. They rank 28th in total yards allowed per game (391), a statistic they ranked 5th overall in the league. Somehow, the defense is ranked 31st in terms of passing yards allowed per game, yet they have 13 interceptions so far, ranked 2nd overall. It will be important for that defense to shut down Philip Rivers, so Rodgers can control the game. Though the Chargers are in their home stadium for the Week 9 matchup, Green Bay appears to have the advantage. The outstanding offense will dominate the game, and even the Packers' defense will step up their play.
Packers over Chargers: 31-10

Stand-Out Performance: RB Michael Turner: The most overlooked player in the NFL is beginning to gain more and more attention as the season progresses. Michael Turner has been quite consistent for his team, tied for fourth in terms of rushing touchdowns this season. This weekend, Turner faces off against the Indianapolis Colts, a team known for a weak rushing defense. The Colts are ranked 31st in rushing yards allowed per game (144.0), 30th in rushing TD's allowed (10), and 32nd in 1st downs allowed (69).  Turner will completely trample the Colts' defense, and will have one of the best games of his career.
Michael Turner: 170 yards, 2 rushing TD's, 1 receiving TD 

Player to Watch: Tom Brady: For the first time since the 2007 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots will face off against the New York Giants. Brady was not happy after losing to the Giants because of a last minute game-winning touchdown. Now, he is also coming off of a disappointing loss against the Steelers. Though Brady started the year off strong, he has begun to cool off (the last time he had over 2 touchdowns in a game was in Week 4).  These three failures from the past will be used as motivation. Brady will walk onto the field and tear apart the Giants defense. Make sure to keep an eye on Brady, for there may be a spike in terms of fantasy points in Brady's future.
Tom Brady: 330 passing yards, 3 passing TD's, 1 rushing TD

Week 9 Predictions:

Jets over Bills (OT)

Cowboys over Seahawks

Texans over Browns

Falcons over Colts

Chiefs over Dolphins

Saints over Buccaneers (OT)

49ers over Redskins

Raiders over Broncos

Bengals over Titans

Rams over Cardinals

Patriots over Giants

Packers over Chargers

Steelers over Ravens

Eagles over Bears

Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011 Playoff Predictions

With the halfway point of the 2011 season approaching, the destiny of teams is beginning to reveal itself. Only one undefeated team remains in the Green Bay Packers, the favorite to win the Super Bowl this year. The NFL Report has made their predictions for the 2011 season, and be sure to comment!

AFC: 1. Chargers (13-3)  2. Patriots (13-3)  3. Steelers (12-4)  4. Texans (11-5)  5. Ravens (12-4)  6. Jets (12-4)
NFC: 1. Packers (14-2)  2. 49ers (13-3)  3. Saints (13-3)  4. Cowboys (11-5) 5. Lions (12-4)  6. Eagles (11-5)

AFC 1st Round: 3. Steelers over 6. Jets & 5 Ravens over 4. Texans (OT)
NFC 1st Round: 3. Saints over 6. Eagles (OT) & 4. Cowboys over 5. Lions

AFC 2nd Round: 5. Ravens over 1. Chargers & 3. Steelers over 1. Patriots
NFC 2nd Round: 1. Packers over 4. Cowboys & 3. Saints over 2. 49ers

AFC 3rd Round: 5. Ravens over 3. Steelers
NFC 3rd Round: 1. Packers over 3. Saints

Super Bowl: 5. Ravens over 3. Packers (2OT) 24-23
Super Bowl MVP: Ray Rice

Super Bowl XLV

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers

Defensive Player of the Year: Jared Allen

Offensive Rookie of the Year: AJ Green

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Von Miller

Coach of the Year: Jim Schwartz

Comeback Player of the Year: Matthew Stafford

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Greatest Players in NFL History at Each Position

     To be considered one of the  best your position is obviously a true honor. However, to be named the absolute greatest player at your position in the history of the game makes you a god. A select few in the Hall of Fame are considered the absolute best, but The NFL Report has decided to rank the greatest players in NFL history in each position, making the ultimate dream team. The rankings are below, and be sure to comment based on what YOU think.

Quarterback: Tom Brady: Even as Tom Brady ages, he continues to win big games and post incredible statistics. As of 2013, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has thrown for 47,702 passing yards, 351 touchdowns, and a career passer rating of 95.9. In 2007, the Patriots were one game shy of the perfect season, where Tom Brady broke Peyton Manning's passing touchdown mark with 50. His three Super Bowl rings are tied for second among quarterback, and with 5 trips to the Super Bowl since the start of his career, Brady is without a doubt the best quarterback of all time.
Runner-up: Joe Montana

Fullback: Jim Brown: With out a doubt, Jim Brown is the greatest football player of all time. In a single season, Brown rushed for 1,863 yards and 17 touchdowns in only 14 games, giving him a yards per rush of 6.4. Jim Brown had both speed and power, a lethal combination, which enabled him to tear apart defenses. Not many people expected a 225 pound man to out-run everyone on the field, but that is exactly what Jim Brown did. Brown is the only player in history to average over 100 yards per game and 5 yards in a career. With the statistics, abilities, and smarts that Jim Brown had, he is the clear choice for greatest full back of all time.
Runner up: Bronco Nagurski

 Running Back: Barry Sanders: Though he only played for 10 NFL seasons, each one was a stroke of pure greatness. Every year, he rushed for 1,100 yards or more, something few running backs have done. Sanders did an extraordinary job deking out defenders or bouncing off of a tackle, something no one had ever seen before. Unlike most running backs, avoiding a tackle appeared to be second nature to Barry, almost as if his moves required no thinking at all. Many people criticize Sanders for retiring at age 30, even though he was 1,457 yards from the career rushing yards record (which was later broken by Emmit Smith). Though he did not get the career rushing yard record, Barry Sanders still has great statistics, outstanding athleticism, and spectacular reflexes, making him the greatest rusher of all time.
Runner up: Walter Payton

Wide Reciever: Jerry Rice: What a surprise. Was there any doubt that Jerry Rice was going to be named the greatest wide receiver of all time. For a period of time, Rice was completely unstoppable. Even if teams tried to double cover him, Rice found a way to make a spectacular catch and score. From 1986 to 1996, he had at-least 1,000 yards each year and over 151 touchdowns in that time span. The 13-time pro bowler has three super bowl rings, all of which were with the San Francisco 49ers. With accomplishments like Rice has, he is the clear choice for the greatest wide receiver of all time.
Runner up: Randy Moss

Tight End: Tony Gonzalez: This may come as quite a shock, but I believe Tony Gonzalez is the greatest tight end of all time. Though he may not have had as consistent of a career as most receivers, Gonzalez has outstanding statistics. He has the most career receiving yards (11,760), receptions (994), and touchdowns (82) out of any tight end in NFL history. Amazingly, Tony Gonzalez was at his best while playing on the Chiefs, a team that has not been recently known for having a great quarterback. Many would argue that several earlier tight ends top Gonzalez due to the fact they 'changed the position', but Gonzalez has the statistics and reputation to compete with any tight end in NFL history
Runner up: Jimmy Graham

Offensive Gaurd: John Hannah: Though there are not great statistics that can portray the athleticism of a offensive guard, John Hannah is by far the best guard of all time. Hannah had speed, great reflexes, and size (32' inch thighs), allowing him to dominate the offensive line. Many people considered Hannah and tackle Leon Gray the greatest guard/tackle tandem of all time. However, many people say right before the ball was snapped, Hannah would hit Gray's opponent in the head, allowing Gray to guard him more easily, and Hannah would go back to guarding his own man with ease. In 1978 while playing on the Patriots, Hannah was a major part in the record breaking season, where the Patriots team rushed for a total of 3,165 yards. Hannah's success allowed him to be the first Patriots player elected to the Hall of Fame, and rightfully so.
Runner up: Bruce Matthews

Offensive Tackle: Anthony Muñoz: For 13 seasons, the NFL was dominated by offensive tackle Anthony Muñoz. Before being drafted, several teams were skeptical about Muñoz due to previous injuries. Once he was drafted by the Cincannati Bengals in 1980 NFL draft (3rd overall), his abilities shined through, and was dominate in protecting the Bengals' quarterback. Munez had the quickness, footwork, and size (similar to Hannah) necessary to block large defensive ends. The 11-time pro bowler is easily considered the greatest offensive tackle in NFL history.
Runner up: Forrest Gregg

Center: Mike Webster: From 1974-1979, the Pittsburgh Steelers dominated the NFL, winning 4 Super Bowls in total. A huge part of that success was due to Hall-of-Fame center Mike Webster. After being drafted in the 5th round by Pittsburgh, Webster shared the starting job with Ray Mansfield. Once he was named starter, Webster played in 150 consecutive games using his strength to over power defenders. Not only did he play in 9 pro bowls, but Webster also won the 1980 Ironman competition, proving the overall athleticism of the All-Pro center. Webster was a key to the Steelers dominance, and is the greatest center to ever play the game. 
Runner up: Jim Otto

Cornerback: Deion "Prime Time" Sanders: A pass to an open receiver; surely it will be a touchdown pass. Out of no where comes a flash of red, and the ball has been pulled out of the air. An interception. This was quite common for wide receivers being covered by Deion Sanders. Sanders is one of the most versatile players in NFL history. He was a wide receiver, a starting punt returner, and an MLB ballplayer. However, what Sanders is most known for is being a spectacular cornerback. He was able to shut down great receivers, taking them out of the game completely. What separates Deion from great cornerbacks is his outstanding speed. When Sanders picked off a pass, he would basically taunt the defender by galloping to the endzone.  In his career, Sanders had 53 interceptions and a total of 22 touchdowns. In 2011, he was inducted to the Hall of Fame, and has been named as the greatest cornerback of all time.
Runner up: Night Train Lane

Defensive End: Reggie White: In the game of football, Reggie White contains each skill set necessary for him to be known as an amazing pass rusher. White was extremely strong, yet surprisingly fast for a 300 pound defensive end. Whenever White powered through a blocker, he would use his sensational agility to demolish an unsuspecting quarterback. Even though teams would double team this tackling machine, that did not stop White from breaking the NFL record for most consecutive double digit sack seasons. His most amazing statistic is by far earning 21 sacks in only 12 games. By the end of White's career, he had a total of 198 sacks (a record at the time) and averaged 13.2 sacks per season, an NFL record. He also won two Super Bowl rings and two Defensive Player of the Year awards, earning the top spot at defensive end. 
Runner up: Deacon Jones

Defensive Tackle: "Mean" Joe Green: In the 1981 NFL draft, a defensive tackle by the name of Joe Green was taken 4th overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers, leaving many fans asking Who's Joe Green? In his first year, Green showed his speed, amazing strength and spectacular reflexes, earning him the 1969 Rookie of the Year award (even though the Steelers were 1-13 that year). It was not until 1972 when the Steelers had a winning season with Joe Green on the roster, who went on to win the 1972 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award. Then, from 1975 to 1980, the Steelers won 4 out of 6 Super Bowls, mostly due to the defensive presence  of "Mean" Joe Green. Green played in 10 Pro Bowls, was named to the 1970's All Decade team, and won 2 DPOTY's. The athleticism and toughness allowed Joe Green to be named the greatest defensive tackle of all time.
Runner up: Merlin Olsen

Middle-Linebacker: Dick Butkus: In the 60's, no one was meaner then Dick Butkus. His ferocity on the field made him one of the most feared players in the game. What separated him from most linebackers was the ability to rip footballs out of the ball carriers hands. Unfortunately, statistics like fumbles recovered was not kept during that age of football, so there is no way in measuring his specific ability. In 1969 and 1970, Butkus won the NEA Defensive Player of the Year award, and played in 8 Pro Bowl games. Not to mention, he was named to the 60's and 70's All-Decade Team. After a tragic knee injury in 1975, the linebacker was forced to retire from the league. Though his career was short, Butkus was dominate for a period of time, and is the best middle linebacker of all time.
Runner up: Ray Lewis

Outside-Linebacker: Lawrence Taylor: In NFL history, the best defensive player of all time is clearly Lawrence Taylor. Taylor made an immediate impact on the league, winning both the Defensive Player of the Year award, and the Defensive Rookie of the Year award in 1981. From 1981 to 1990, there was no one quarterbacks feared more then Lawrence Taylor. Every tackle he made, Taylor intended to tear the ball carrier apart. What LT is most known for is the career ending injury he put on Joe Theismann in a Monday Night Football game, which emphasized the ferocity of Taylor. Offensive tackles could not stop the unstoppable force of LT, forcing offensive coordinators to make plays preventing Taylor from dominating the game. Taylor has won two Super Bowls, an MVP award, three Defensive Player of the Year awards and has played in 10 Pro Bowl games. With the skill set that LT has, he is obviously the greatest Outside Linebacker of All Time.
Runner up: Jack Ham

Safety: Ronnie Lott: In NFL history, there is no player more devoted than Ronnie Lott. After his finger was crushed in a 1985 game, Lott decided to amputate the tip of his finger so he would not have to miss another NFL game. In his 14 NFL seasons, he recorded 63 interceptions, 5 of which were returned for touchdowns. He also started in 10 Pro Bowl games and won 4 Super Bowls during the 49ers dominating run. The safety was amazing at making devastating hits, sometimes sacrificing his body in order to make the tackle. Ronnie Lott will go down in history as the heart and soul of the NFL.
Runner up: Ed Reed

Kicker: Adam Vinatieri: Less than 10 seconds left in the Super Bowl. Kicker Vinatieri steps onto the field, hoping to kick the game winning field goal. The ball is snapped with the crowd on its feet. Vinatieri makes contact with his foot, and the ball splits the uprights; the Patriots have one the Super Bowl. This routine has happened not once, but twice in Vinatieri's career. Though he may not be the most outstanding kicker in the middle of the game, Vinateiri is the best to have kicking a field goal with the game on the line. Precipitation clearly does not stop Vinatieri from making field goals; in the 2001 AFC Championship game, he nailed an overtime field goal to win, sending the Patriots to the Super Bowl. In his prime, no kicker is more clutch than Adam Vinatieri. 
Runner up: Morten Anderson

Punter: Shane Lechler: Many football view punters as an unimportant position. However, that is not entirely true; they can be quite key when you need the opponent to be as far away from the end zone as possible late in a game. That is why it is important to have Shane Lechler as a punter. Lechler averages 47.5 per punt in his 11 year career, currently a record in the NFL. The six time Pro Bowler is the best at his position, and is clearly the greatest punter of all time.
Runner up: Ray Guy

Returner: Devin Hester: As a punt returner, no one is better than Devin Hester. Hester is entering his sixth NFL season, and has 11 punt return touchdowns and 5 kick return touchdowns. He also owns the record for career yards per punt return in a Super Bowl. The 3 time Pro Bowler also owns the record for the most punt return yards in a single season with 17.1. Good things are in store for Hester, and he already has been labeled as the greatest returner of all time. 
Runner up: Joshua Cribbs

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?

    Both have won a Super Bowl. Both play important roles in their team's success. Both are outstanding quarterbacks who have shown true signs of greatness. In the 2011 season, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers have been continuously compared by football fans. After Week 6, it appears one has the edge over the other, in terms of statistics, leadership quality, and intelligence. So who is the better quarterback? 
Aaron Rodgers
     Aaron Rodgers: In his fourth year as a starter, Aaron Rodgers has made a huge impact on the league. Rodgers has everything you can ask for in a QB; arm strength, accuracy, and leadership. What differentiates himself from top quarterbacks is the ability to move around in the pocket. When being heavily pressured, Rodgers can sprint away from the rusher, and make an accurate throw while on the run. Against Atlanta in Week 5, it appeared like Rodgers would be sacked numerous times. However, he used his agility to escape the threat and make a perfect throw. Rodgers currently leads the league in touchdowns (17), completion percentage (70.2) and passer rating (122.5). With statistics like those, it is hard not to give him the top spot. The Packers are already 6-0, and show no signs of slowing down. If Rodgers can continue to play well, his team may go back-to-back.

     Tom Brady: It is safe to say the New England Patriots is Tom Brady's team. Bellicheck may be the coach, but Brady is well respected by teammates, and appears to make most of the important decisions. In my opinion, Brady is so amazing that he makes the players around him better.  Just look at wide receiver Deion Branch; originally, Branch played for the Patriots from 2002-2005, with somewhat solid statistics. Then, he was traded to Seattle, and went completely off the radar. In the middle of last years season, Branch was traded back to the Patriots, where, under Brady, caught 5 touchdown passes and 706 yards in 11 games. It is quite hard not to put up great statistics as a wide receiver if the ball is thrown straight to your hands. If you were to compare the Green Bay WR corp to the Patriots WR corp, it is obvious how much of an advantage Rodgers has over Brady (Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and Jermichael Finley compared to Wes Welker, Deion Branch and Rob Gronkowski). Besides Brady's ability to throw hard, accurate passes, his outstanding intelligence allows him to be one of the best 2 minute drill quarterbacks in football history. Last weekend against the Cowboys, Brady was able to march up the field with 2:31 seconds remaining in the game, and throw a game winner to Aaron Hernandez, making the Patriots 5-1 this season. Brady currently leads the league in passing yards (2,163), where he is second to Rodgers in just about every other category. He may not be amazing statistic wise, but he makes a winning team out of average football players. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks, if not THE greatest quarterback, in the history of the NFL, and Brady continues to show signs of greatness in his 12th year of football.

     On paper, Aaron Rodgers appears to be the clear pick; he has accuracy, arm strength, mobility, great statistics (etc.). However, Brady does not have a lot to work with, yet he still wins 12 or more games each season. For now, Brady is the greatest quarterback overall. Rodgers will eventually surpass Brady, but I think the Patriots quarterback still has a lot left in him, making him the best QB in the league.
Tom Brady Rating: 99
Aaron Rodgers Rating: 97.5

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 6 Predictions

It is official; the 5-0 Lions are a legitimate playoff contender. Before week 5, Detroit had not yet faced a competitive football team. However, an outstanding victory against the Chicago Bears last weekend has allowed them to be taken 100% seriously. On the other hand, many teams below .500 will need to start doing well, such as the Eagles, Falcons, Bears and Jets. Although it is only week 6, it will be very important for these teams to fix their problems before the end of the year. Otherwise, they may miss the playoffs. In my mind, Week 6 is one of the most important weeks of football before the halfway point. Teams should be able to learn from their early mistakes so they can go on a winning streak. As usual, the NFL Report has this weeks predictions ready for Sunday!
Ray Lewis

Game-to-Watch: Texans at Ravens: Unlike the past several weeks, there will not be many even match-ups this weekend. However, at 4:15 on Sunday, make sure to watch a defensive showdown between the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens. Ever since a fluke loss to Tennessee, Baltimore has played almost flawlessly; Ray Rice has been stellar and the defense shows no signs of slowing down. The only problem is the inconsistency of Baltimore's passing game. They rank 19th in total passing yards per game, not quite a stellar statistic. Joe Flacco will need to do remotely well in order for Baltimore to pull off a win. Houston, on the other hand, is coming off of a disappointing loss against Oakland. Not to mention, their defense suffered an extraordinary blow by losing linebacker Mario Williams, who shall be sidelined for the rest of the season. Houston will not be able to recover from these two losses quickly enough, and Baltimore will get the home win this Sunday.
Ravens over Texans: 17-13

Stand-Out-Performance: DE Jared Allen: For the first time in 'The NFL Report' history, a defensive player has been predicted to be the stand-out performer. Jared Allen did not quite meet expectations in 2010, with a decent 60 tackles and 11 sacks. Allen has turned things around, and has been great so far this year (8.5 sacks and 20 tackles). With killer statistics like these, Allen will tear apart the weak Bears offensive line, which is one of the worst in the league.
Jared Allen: 4.5 sacks, 11 tackles

Player-to-Watch: Michael Vick: Vick certainly has been one of the most disappointing players in the league; he has disappointed fans, fantasy owners and teammates. Luckily for Vick, the Eagles are playing the Washington Redskins. The last time he faced off against Washington, Vick threw for 333 yards, 4 passing touchdowns and had 2 rushing touchdowns. However, it is hard to tell how Vick will do this season against the Redskins; Washington (who is 3-1 so far) is clearly not the same team as last year, and Vick has been playing extremely inconsistently. It will be interesting to see how Michael Vick and the Eagles do this weekend, so make sure to keep an eye on the score.
Michael Vick: 280 yards, 2 passing TD's, 1 rushing TD

Week 6 Predictions:

Falcons over Panthers OT

Bengals over Colts

Lions over 49ers OT

Packers over Rams

Bills over Giants

Steelers over Jaguars

Eagles over Redskins

Ravens over Texans

Raiders over Browns

Patriots over Cowboys

Saints over Buccaneers

Vikings over Bears

Jets over Dolphins