Thursday, February 13, 2014

Worst Tattoos in the NBA, Past and Present: #17

20.  Stephon Marbury

19.  Matt Barnes

18.  Allen Iverson

17.  Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller was obviously a great player, and one of only a few players to have played for the same team for his entire career. Miller played 17 seasons for the Pacers. Incredible. At first glance, you would never expect him to have any tattoos, let alone one in the oddest of places that makes absolutely no sense. There is only one picture of Reggie Miller, because he only has one tattoo (well, let's hope he only has one). Therefore, his one tattoo must be pretty awful in order to make it onto this. Oh, it is. It sort of looks like he tried to fashion his belly button as the face of a lion, with pretty large mane around it. Or maybe he wanted a permanent bellybutton ring that someone goes around the actual bellybutton. No matter what what his plan was, to get a tattoo as awkward and terrible as the one he has (and to flaunt in the way he seems to be doing in the picture), Reggie Miller has to be either out of his mind, or the loser of a bet. Whichever the answer is, I feel for the guy. That is one nasty tattoo.

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