Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 2 Sunday Headlines

    Wide left! Sound familiar to New England Patriots fans. Today, however, New England was on the other end of a missed field goal; the losing end. Gostowski's miss was one of the many headlines to come out of Week 1's action, and though the San Francisco-Detroit game enters halftime, with one more game expected to take place on Monday, Week 2 did not disappoint.

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1. Cardinals upset Patriots in last second thriller: As I mentioned earlier, the New England Patriots suffered a devastating missed field goal with barely any time left on the clock. Leading up to the play, the Arizona Cardinals were two downs away from winning the game, and many Patriots fans were exiting the arena. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, running back Ryan Williams fumbled the ball at the worst possible time, and it was pounced on by nose tackle Vince Wilfork. The Pats then scored what appeared to be the game winner, except Rob Gronkowski was called for holding and the touchdown did not count. Finally, it came time for Gostowski to make the somewhat easy field goal, but he was unsuccessful. Who would have thought the Cardinals would be 2-0?!

2. Steelers too much for Mark Sanchez: Things were looking up for Jets fans after New York's triumphant win over Buffalo in Week 1, but things came to a stop when playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. Missing some of their key stars, the Steelers were still able to get inside the opposing quarterback's head. Throughout the duration of the game, Sanchez was unable to get any sort of rythym going, and though he was sacked twice with zero interceptions, he did not eclipse the 200 yard passing mark, nor did he pass for multiple touchdowns. His ineffectiveness cost the Jets the game, and took the cockiness out of this Jets team entering Week 3.

3. Saints are 0-2: It is now clear just how important Sean Payton was to the Saints franchise before he was suspended for the entire 2012 season. Brees was not able to lead New Orleans to victory against both Washington and Carolina. His statistics are not struggling, for he has thrown for 300 yards in back to back games. However, it appears that his interception problems of 2010 have returned. Unfortunately, it will only get harder from here; the next three games are against playoff contenders from around the league: Kansas City, Green Bay, San Diego. The coaching staff better make some radical changes to their gameplan if they wish to have a shot at the post season.

4. CJ2K has lost his touch: No one wants Chris Johnson to succeed more than me, a fantasy owner who went out of his way to acquire the 2,000 yard rusher. If Johnson's struggles continue, he would rush for a whopping (sarcasm) 168 yards by the end of the season. His speed is still there, but once New England restricted him to just 4 rushing yards, it appears that the Tennessee Titans have lost all faith in their running back. Houston is scheduled for Week 4, but the following week he will play a not so difficult Vikings defense. All I can say is he better get some points in Week 3, or he will be a free agent in many fantasy football leagues.

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