Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playoff Predictions: Divisional Round


Texans over Ravens: A rematch of the 2011 divisional round, this time the Texans come out on top. The Ravens defense is aging quickly, and the Texans offense will take advantage. Meanwhile, the Texans defense is young and talented, and Ray Rice will have to bear too much of the burden.

Patriots over Bengals: Cincinnati's lack of experience hurts when playing a team like the New England Patriots, one of the best playoff contenders within the past 10 years. Brady has new weapons to throw to, while Gronk and Welker remain his top targets.


Packers over Lions: The Packers offense is quite possibly the best in the league, especially with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. The Packers organization now has a chip on their shoulder after losing to New York in the Conference Finals. Detroit is not yet stable enough to conquer the Packers in such an important game.

49ers over Eagles: This defense will no doubt bang around Michael Vick, who has never been labeled as "clutch" in the playoffs. Justin Smith and Patrick Willis are both freaks of nature, and will be the stars of this Divisional Round game. Alex Smith proves he can win big games, and therefore lead San Francisco back into the Conference finals.

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