Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015-2016 NFL Divisional Round Predictions

(5) Chargers over (1) Colts: The Indianapolis Colts have struggled to stop the run throughout the years, so San Diego's addition of talented running back Melvin Gordon may pose certain problems for the Colts defense. In addition, Gordon will be able to take some pressure off of Rivers, who will also be throwing to their recently acquired receiver, Jacoby Jones.

(2) Patriots over (3) Broncos: In what will likely be the final meeting between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, it is highly unlikely that Manning will be able to travel into Foxboro in the month of January and defeat the Patriots. New England's defensive line has an abundance of young talent (Jones, Brown, and Easley), and the passing game is near unstoppable when Rob Gronkowski is on the field.

(1) Packers over (5) Cardinals: It is difficult to see a team who calls the warm and sunny Glendale, Arizona their home traveling to Lambeau Field and knocking off the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs. From a statistical point of view, Rodgers was near perfect last season at home, and a talented Cardinals defense is not enough to stop Green Bay's passing game.
(2) Seahawks over (3) Panthers: The Seahawks beat Cam Newton and the Panthers last season in the Divisional Round, and not much is likely to change this year. The Panthers are very depleted when it comes to their receiving corp following Kelvin Benjamin's injury, whereas Seattle added the elite talent known as Jimmy Graham.


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