Friday, September 28, 2012

Game of the Week: Giants @ Eagles

     Whenever these two teams clash for a regular season battle, there is always a surprise in store. Remember 2010, when DeSean Jackson and the Philadelphia Eagles won on a game winning punt return? Since that match-up, the tension of this division rivalry has transformed into something more, where both teams are out to prove something. Dallas began their 2012 campaign in a disappointing manner, losing to Dallas at home. However, since the Week 1 loss, New York has been able to prove themselves worthy of a divisional championship. They only thing in their way is Philadelphia, a team who is looking to avenge their disappointing 2011 season. Quarterback Michael Vick has been struggling when it comes to turnovers, and his two fumbles against Arizona cost the Eagles the game. By the time Sunday evening rolls around, you will be all knowledgeable on this division rivalry game thanks to The NFL Report's Game of the Week Preview.

LeSean McCoy
New York Giants: Last weekend's dominant win over Carolina proved Manning and the Giants are capable of defending their title. Eli Manning threw for over 800 yards in hist first two games, and though his passing game was not stellar in Week 3, the running game picked up the slack. Tight end Martellus Bennett (3 games, 185 receiving yards, 3 TDs) has been more than impressive in the red zone, adding a whole other dimension to this receiving corp. Once starter running back Ahmad Bradshaw left Week 2's game to a neck injury, Andre Brown was able to fill the void perfectly. His 113 rushing yards and two touchdowns helped New York win easily over a reasonably talented Carolina team. Bradshaw has been cleared to play in Week 4, and the offense looks extremely well balanced. New York's defense has recorded 6 interceptions so far, with a mediocre 21.7 points allowed per game. Offensively, New York will have to play consistently on the road if they wish to overtake Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles: In the past three games, Michael Vick has combined for NINE total turnovers. His unreliable play prevented Philadelphia from gaining any sort of momentum. Vick spent too much time in the pocket, and he needs to get the ball off faster, or else his hurried play will create more and more turnovers. Both fumbles against Arizona could be blamed on Vick and the amount of time he needed to get a pass off. LeSean McCoy has anchored this offense throughout Vick's struggles, and it is likely he will have a decent game against New York this Sunday. The defense has proved to be extremely well rounded these past three games, and New York will be the ultimate test. However, a think if they come out firing, they are capable of overwhelming the Giants.

Offensive Edge: New York Giants

Defensive Edge: Philadelphia Eagles

Prediction: Giants over Eagles 20-17


  1. I have the giants over the eagles too. Mike Vic has looked horrible so far. If Vic comes out and has a great game I could see Phili winning this one but probably not. I love how Martellus Bennett it playing for NY, picked him up on my fantasy team a couple of weeks ago. I am interested to see how much Andre Brown gets the ball with Ahmad Bradshaw coming back.

    1. Thanks for the read Tarryn! I was surprised by the outcome of this game, even though neither team played their best football.