Sunday, April 22, 2012

Top 10 Nike NFL Jerseys

     Less then a month ago, the National Football League decided it was time to change each team's jersey. The previous designers were those of Reebok, who had exclusive rights to manufacture the jerseys worn by players since 2002. However, it was announced in 2012 that Nike will be the ones producing and selling the NFL uniforms. The jerseys have finally been completed, and released to the public. Though they are not that much different then the ones in 2011, The NFL Report will rank the top 10 Nike NFL jerseys.

10. Atlanta Falcons: To start off the list, I believe the number 10 spot is owned by the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have always had great jerseys, especially due in part with the bright red as their primary color. I believe these uniforms have the potential to be number one (for example, making the helmets red and the jerseys black), but they still deserve a spot in the top 10.

9. Miami Dolphins: I am extremely disappointed with Nike that they did not go with the orange uniform for Miami. However, the turquoise blue remains a classic jersey in pro sports. The colors of turquoise and orange scream Miami, and reminds me a lot of the Flint Tropics (Semi-Pro). Even though I think Nike could have done better, the Dolphins still have one of the best jerseys in the league.

8. Minnesota Vikings: In sports, nothing is more unique then the colors of the Minnesota Vikings. Purple is not your average uniform color, nor is it common to find purple matched with yellow. When it comes to design, Minnesota is in a league of its own. I am glad that Nike did not make any major changes, and I wish the Vikings uniform will be left untouched for the rest of this franchise's history.

7. Carolina Panthers: After a slight change to their logo, the Panthers have stuck with the same jersey design, a smart decision on their part. I love the black and blue jerseys, for they are sleek, as well as bold. Blue helmets would have been a nice touch, but the Panthers have a spectacular color scheme in which they need to keep.

6. Green Bay Packers: The only team with a better color scheme then the Minnesota Vikings belongs to the Packers of Green Bay. If we were taking the helmets into account, Green Bay would have the best uniform hands down. Green and yellow are the best two colors, not only in football, but in all of sports. The jerseys are decent, even though I believe there should be a lot more yellow thrown into the mix.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers jersey is one of the more prestigious uniforms in all of football. The black with yellow sleeves are two great colors when matched, and I love the large Steelers logo in the top left corner. I believe Nike should have gone with yellow helmets to add more color, but the Steelers jersey itself is another perfect 10. 

4. Cincinnati Bengals: In the eyes of football fans, they either love the Bengals jersey, or they don't. These new jerseys from Nike are perfect, for they have the black and white with orange on the sleeves (the stripes on the shoulders are a nice touch as well). The Bengals jersey has made several improvements since the franchise began in 1970, and I love the new uniforms produced by Nike.

3. Buffalo Bills: I assume several people would disagree with the Bills at number three, but I absolutely love these royal blue jerseys. Honestly, there is nothing that Nike could have done to improve such spectacular uniforms, but I am especially glad they chose to keep the stripes.

2. Kansas City Chiefs: I may not be a huge fan of the helmets in Kansas City, but the jerseys are a different story. The red and yellow are absolutely perfect together, and have been for the past 52 years. Similar to Buffalo, the white and yellow stripes on the sleeve are a great addition to such a spectacular tradition.

1. Denver Broncos: I am absolutely dumbfounded by how much I adore these jerseys. It was a great idea on Nike's part to have Denver return to orange as their primary color for home games. After adding Peyton Manning to the team, Denver has made yet another change in 2012. Not everyone will be a fan of the orange, but the Broncos in my opinion will have the greatest home jerseys come September.

Thanks for the read and feel free to comment on your top 10 Nike jerseys!
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  1. wowwww amazing found! ;) I love these!


  3. Awesome. Sleeve flourishes really make the uniforms kinetic and rad, and in-the-moment, as if every bit of ourselves is participating, headstrong. Nice breakdown you laid out here. Good reference for the future.

    Jennine @ UE Sports

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