Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playoff Predictions: Wild Card

Texans over Chargers: Unfortunately for the Houston Texans, Matt Schaub was not able to play in the playoffs due to injury, the main reason why they didn't defeat Baltimore in the divisional round. His health is vital, but Arian Foster and Andre Johnson would be able to pick up the slack in 2012. San Diego is not quite as well rounded as the Houston Texans, and therefore will not be able to beat them on the road.

Bengals over Chiefs: Both teams are extremely inexperienced, but the Bengals are more talented on offense and defense. AJ Green is entering his sophomore season in the NFL, and has great chemistry with Andy Dalton. The defense did well in 2011, and drafted corner back Dre Kirkpatrick to enhance their pass defense. This battle of inexperience will be a good one, but Cincinnati will defeat the Chiefs on the road.

Lions over Falcons: Historically, the Lions have won just one playoff game in their 50-year history, but this is Detroit's year. However, it all depends on whether or not Stafford can stay healthy. Calvin Johnson is un defend able, especially when Stafford is throwing to him. Atlanta never crosses my mind as a team who can make it all the way to the Super Bowl. The biggest upset for the first round of the playoffs.

Eagles over Bears: Philadelphia's Dream Team is bound to succeed in 2012, and home field advantage gives them the upper hand over Chicago. Michael Vick is injury prone, and he is the difference maker in these playoffs. Jay Cutler does not have the clutch factor necessary to succeed in the post season.

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