Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions (AFC East)

1. New England Patriots (14-2): The New England Patriots have not disappointed since their loss to New York in the Super Bowl, catching lots of headlines with their big signings. Wide receivers Brandon Lloyd and Jabar Gaffney are two excellent additions to an already lethal wide receiver corp. The Patriots also drafted two weapons in defensive end Chandler Jones and linebacker Dont'a Hightower. Finally, they added track star Jeff Demps as a running back, concluding their already busy off season. Bottom line: the Patriots have a great chance at that perfect season.
Wes Welker (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Week 1: Patriots @ Titans W
Week 2: Cardinals @ Patriots W
Week 3: Patriots @ Ravens W
Week 4: Patriots @ Bills W
Week 5: Broncos @ Patriots W
Week 6: Patriots @ Seahawks W
Week 7: Jets @ Patriots W
Week 8: Patriots @ Rams W
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: Bills @ Patriots W
Week 11: Colts @ Patriots W
Week 12: Patriots @ Jets W
Week 13: Patriots @ Dolphins W
Week 14: Texans @ Patriots L
Week 15: 49ers @ Patriots L
Week 16: Patriots @ Jaguars W
Week 17: Dolphins @ Patriots W

2. Buffalo Bills (9-7): Right off the bat, the Buffalo Bills signed star linebacker Mario Williams to a mega contract in order to enhance their defense. Rookie corner back Stephon Gilmore is also meant to improve their pass defense, a rookie selected 10th overall. Offensively, Buffalo will get back rusher Fred Jackson from a season ending injury in 2011. Now, the Bills will have both CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson making up one of the best rushing duos in the NFL.
Mario Williams (Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Week 1: Bills @ Jets W
Week 2: Chiefs @ Bills W
Week 3: Bills @ Browns W
Week 4: Patriots @ Bills L
Week 5: Bills @ 49ers L
Week 6: Bills @ Cardinals L
Week 7: Titans @ Bills W
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: Bills @ Texans L
Week 10: Bills @ Patriots L
Week 11: Dolphins @ Bills W
Week 12: Bills @ Colts L
Week 13: Jaguars @ Bills W
Week 14: Rams @ Bills W
Week 15: Seahawks @ Bills L
Week 16: Bills @ Dolphins W
Week 17: Jets @ Bills W

3. New York Jets (8-8): Most likely the biggest storyline to come out of New York was the signing of Tim Tebow. Tebow was able to lead Denver into the playoffs, as well as defeat the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers. It will be interesting to see how the Jets incorporate Tebow into this offense when Sanchez will be the Week 1 starter. There will obviously be problems, like if Sanchez were to throw an interception or two, fans would start cheering to put Tebow in the game. There are too many issues for this team to succeed in 2012.
Antonio Cromartie (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Week 1: Bills @ Jets L
Week 2: Jets @ Steelers L
Week 3: Jets @ Dolphins W
Week 4: 49ers @ Jets L
Week 5: Texans @ Jets L
Week 6: Colts @ Jets W
Week 7: Jets @ Patriots L
Week 8: Dolphins @ Jets W
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: Jet @ Seahawks L
Week 11: Jets @ Rams W
Week 12: Patriots @ Jets L
Week 13: Cardinals @ Jets W
Week 14: Jets @ Jaguars W
Week 15: Jets @ Titans W
Week 16: Chargers @ Jets L
Week 17: Jets @ Bills L

4. Miami Dolphins (4-12): Hard Knocks was not short of drama in Miami; in one of the first few episodes, the Dolphins decided to cut wide receiver Chad Johnson from the team after an arrest in August. Then, earlier this morning, head coach Joe Philbin told reporters that rookie Ryan Tannehill will be the starting quarterback during Week 1's season opener. Unfortunately, the Dolphins must overcome a difficult schedule, and frankly, this inexperienced quarterback is not capable of doing so.
Cameron Wake

Week 1: Dolphins @ Texans L
Week 2: Raiders @ Dolphins W
Week 3: Jets @ Dolphins L
Week 4: Dolphins @ Cardinals L
Week 5: Dolphins @ Bengals L
Week 6: Rams @ Dolphins W
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: Dolphins @ Jets L
Week 9: Dolphins @ Colts L
Week 10: Titans @ Dolphins W
Week 11: Dolphins @ Bills L
Week 12: Seahawks @ Dolphins L
Week 13: Patriots @ Dolphins L
Week 14: Dolphins @ 49ers L
Week 15: Jaguars @ Dolphins W
Week 16: Bills @ Dolphins L
Week 17: Dolphins @ Patriots L

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