Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions (AFC North)

1. Baltimore Ravens (11-5): The loss of reigning Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs hurts this glorified defense exponentially. Thirty seven is old for a middle linebacker, but not including the four missed four games, Ray Lewis had yet another extraordinary season. Alongside fellow veteran Ed Reed, this duo must stay consistent and injury free to keep Baltimore in the hunt. Ray Rice is the best all-around running back, and is the clear MVP of this mediocre offense. Joe Flacco's goal should be to reach 4,000 passing yards, as well as a career low in interceptions. Watch out for the Ravens if all goes as planned.
Ed Reed (Boston Globe)

Week 1: Bengals @ Ravens W
Week 2: Ravens @ Eagles L
Week 3: Patriots @ Ravens L
Week 4: Browns @Ravens W
Week 5: Ravens @ Chiefs L
Week 6: Cowboys @ Ravens W
Week 7: Ravens @ Texans L
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: Ravens @ Browns W
Week 10: Raiders @ Ravens W
Week 11: Ravens @ Steelers W
Week 12: Ravens @ Chargers L
Week 13: Steelers @ Ravens W
Week 14: Ravens @ Redskins W
Week 15: Broncos @ Ravens W
Week 16: Giants @ Ravens W
Week 17: Ravens @ Bengals W

2. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6): The Cincinnati Bengals will be a threat to take down any team in 2012, quite possibly the most lethal opponent for any playoff contender. There is a lot of young players on this roster, which makes me worried about their consistency throughout the regular season. Andy Dalton proved he can carry the weight of the franchise, especially when throwing to star wide out AJ Green. The defense surprising did very well, and will most likely carry over into this upcoming season. Experience is hard to find in Cincinnati, but the youngsters may be the dark horses of 2012.

Andy Dalton
Week 1: Bengals @ Ravens L
Week 2: Browns @ Bengals W
Week 3: Bengals @ Redskins W
Week 4: Bengals @ Jaguars W
Week 5: Dolphins @ Bengals W
Week 6: Bengals @ Browns W
Week 7: Steelers @ Bengals W
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: Broncos @ Bengals W
Week 10: Giants @ Bengals L
Week 11: Bengals @ Chiefs L
Week 12: Raiders @ Bengals W
Week 13: Bengals @ Chargers W
Week 14: Cowboys @ Bengals W
Week 15: Bengals @ Eagles L
Week 16: Bengals @ Steelers L
Week 17: Ravens @ Bengals L

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6): The Pittsburgh Steelers made a quick exit from the playoffs in 2012 after losing to quarterback sensation Tim Tebow. The draft was nothing special either, except for two big offensive lineman in the first few rounds. This defense is not getting any younger, and Pittsburgh is not known for possessing an extraordinary offense. In the competitive AFC North, a spot in the playoffs would be considered a successful 2012 season. Do not be expecting a Super Bowl appearance.
Antonio Brown

Week 1: Steelers @ Broncos L
Week 2: Jets @ Steelers W
Week 3: Steelers @ Raiders W
Week 4: BYE
Week 5: Eagles @ Steelers W
Week 6: Steelers @ Titans W
Week 7: Steelers @ Bengals L
Week 8: Redskins @ Steelers W
Week 9: Steelers @ Giants L
Week 10: Chiefs @ Steelers W
Week 11: Ravens @ Steelers L
Week 12: Steelers @ Browns W
Week 13: Steelers @ Ravens L
Week 14: Chargers @ Steelers L
Week 15: Steelers @ Cowboys W
Week 16: Bengals @ Steelers W
Week 17: Steelers @ Browns W

4. Cleveland Browns (1-15): The Cleveland Browns added two big names in last year's draft; quarterback Brandon Weeden and running back Trent Richardson. An above average defense along with a youthful roster made Cleveland's 2012 campaign look somewhat respectable when entering August. However, the preseason did not start off well after many injuries took place, one to their prized rookie running back. The Browns have by far the most difficult schedule of any team in the NFL. In most years, Cleveland would have a shot at the .500 mark, but if the injuries continue, they'll have to worry about an 0-16 record.
Josh Cribbs

Week 1: Eagles @ Browns L
Week 2: Browns @ Bengals L
Week 3: Bills @ Browns L
Week 4: Browns @ Ravens L
Week 5: Browns @ Giants L
Week 6: Bengals @ Browns L
Week 7: Browns @ Colts L
Week 8: Chargers @ Browns L
Week 9: Ravens @ Browns L
Week 10: BYE
Week 11: Browns @ Cowboys L
Week 12: Steelers @ Browns L
Week 13: Browns @ Raiders L
Week 14: Chiefs @ Browns L
Week 15: Redskins @ Browns W
Week 16: Browns @ Broncos L
Week 17: Browns @ Steelers L


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