Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions (NFC East)

1. Philadelphia Eagles (12-4): On paper, the Eagles have one of the most well rounded teams in the NFL. However, they were unable to live up to the hype in 2011, and missed the playoffs entirely. Michael Vick injured his ribs just three games into the preseason this year, and could be a sign of things to come. If he were to stay healthy, the quarterback would thrive, especially when passing to DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Brent Celek. The running game exploded last year thanks to LeSean McCoy's outstanding performance, and is likely to continue into 2012. Defensively, there are bug names on this roster such as Jason Babin and Trent Cole (combined 29 sacks), along with star corner Nnamdi Asomugha. The defense has done extremely well this preseason, ranking 1st overall in total defense. The talent is there, all they need is a little push.
DeSean Jackson (Lynne Sladky/AP Photo)

Week 1: Eagles @ Browns W
Week 2: Ravens @ Eagles W
Week 3: Eagles @ Cardinals W
Week 4: Giants @ Eagles W
Week 5: Eagles @ Steelers L
Week 6: Lions @ Eagles W
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: Falcons @ Eagles W
Week 9: Eagles @ Saints L
Week 10: Cowboys @ Eagles W
Week 11: Eagles @ Redskins W
Week 12: Panthers @ Eagles W
Week 13: Eagles @ Cowboys L
Week 14: Eagles @ Buccaneers W
Week 15: Bengals @ Eagles W
Week 16: Redskins @ Eagles W
Week 17: Eagles @ Giants L

2. New York Giants (10-6): The reigning champions came close to missing the playoffs altogether in 2012, but managed to beat Dallas at home in Week 17. There have been few changes made throughout the off season, but New York remains dangerous as Super Bowl contenders. It all starts with quarterback Eli Manning, quite possibly the most clutch player in the NFL. Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks are two spectacular wide receivers, making up one of the league's best wide receiver corps. Though Brandon Jacobs has left for the west coast, Ahmad Bradshaw and rookie David Wilson will do just fine when running the ball this September. Similar to Philadelphia, the Giants have an elite pass rushing duo, consisting of defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul (16.5 sacks) and Justin Tuck (an off-year for Tuck, racking up just 5 sacks. Unfortunately for the Giants, all the other 31 teams will be gunning for them, so it will be more difficult for them to repeat their 2012 performance.
Justin Tuck (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Week 1: Cowboys @ Giants W
Week 2: Buccaneers @ Giants W
Week 3: Giants @ Panthers L
Week 4: Giants @ Eagles L
Week 5: Browns @ Giants W
Week 6: Giants @ 49ers W
Week 7: Redskins @ Giants W
Week 8: Giants @ Cowboys L
Week 9: Steelers @ Giants W
Week 10: Giants @ Bengals W
Week 11: BYE
Week 12: Packers @ Giants L
Week 13: Giants @ Redskins W
Week 14: Saints @ Giants W
Week 15: Giants @ Falcons L
Week 16: Giants @ Ravens L
Week 17: Eagles @ Giants W

3.  Dallas Cowboys (8-8): The Dez Bryant situation ruined this team's chances from the start, putting Dallas in a state of despair. General manager Jerry Jones showed his frustration after wide receiver Dez Bryant was arrested on assault charges. Dallas missed out on the playoffs by one game in 2011, and will look to rebound in 2012. The defense has stars scattered around the field, most notably Demarcus Ware, a former Defensive Player of the Year. The offense has its moments, especially when passing the football. Tony Romo has the option of throwing to Bryant or pro-bowler Miles Austin, as well as pounding their run game with young rusher DeMarco Murray. There is too much chaos in Dallas, and things must be done in order for this years team to make the post season.
Dez Bryant (Elsa/Getty Images)

Week 1: Cowboys @ Giants L
Week 2: Cowboys @ Seahawks W
Week 3: Buccaneers @ Cowboys W
Week 4: Bears @ Cowboys W
Week 5: BYE
Week 6: Cowboys @ Ravens L
Week 7: Cowboys @ Panthers L
Week 8: Giants @ Cowboys W
Week 9: Cowboys @ Falcons L
Week 10: Cowboys @ Eagles L
Week 11: Browns @ Cowboys W
Week 12: Redskins @ Cowboys W
Week 13: Eagles @ Cowboys W
Week 14: Cowboys @ Bengals L
Week 15: Steelers @ Cowboys L
Week 16: Saints @ Cowboys W
Week 17: Cowboys @ Redskins L

4. Washington Redskins (5-11): Washington sacrificed a lot in order to draft Heisman winner Robert Griffin III, and are hoping he can be their savior. Arm strength, accuracy, and speed is what won him college football's greatest honor. The wide receiver corp is decent, but over time, the Washington Redskins will likely try and add more weapons for their rookie quarterback. Running back Roy Helu was meant to be starter, but an Achilles injury sidelined him for the previous two preseason games. Assuming he can bounce back, the running game will do just fine. The defense fared well in 2011, led by linebacker London Fletcher. The NFC East is more competitive than ever, and the Washington Redskins will need an exceptional rookie season from RGIII if making the playoffs in 2012 is their goal.
London Fletcher (Tony Sandys/Washington Post)

Week 1: Redskins @ Saints L
Week 2: Redskins @ Rams W
Week 3: Bengals @ Redskins L
Week 4: Redskins @ Buccaneers W
Week 5: Falcons @ Redskins L
Week 6: Vikings @ Redskins W
Week 7: Redskins @ Giants L
Week 8: Redskins @ Steelers L
Week 9: Panthers @ Redskins W
Week 10: BYE
Week 11: Eagles @ Redskins L
Week 12: Redskins @ Cowboys L
Week 13: Giants @ Redskins L
Week 14: Ravens @ Redskins L
Week 15: Redskins @ Browns L
Week 16: Redskins @ Eagles L
Week 17: Cowboys @ Redskins W

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