Friday, August 10, 2012

A Cowboy Standoff

    "It's very serious....he's got to grow up" This is only a portion of the words spoken by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones when asked about wide receiver Dez Bryant's struggles at home. Bryant has been battling with off the field issues, most recently a domestic violence crime filed by his own biological mother. Though he may be Dallas' number one weapon at wide receiver, Jerry Jones is fed-up with his behavior. The Cowboys, who missed the playoffs last season after a loss to New York, are not off to a great start in 2012, and this ongoing feud is the main problem.
     Dez Bryant attended Oklahoma State University for a football scholarship, and was named one of the nation's top wide receivers. After a monstrous sophomore year, Bryant was ruled ineligible to play as a junior once he lied to NCAA investigators. The fact that he missed the majority of his final season hurt his draft stock by the time April rolled around. In fact, the All-American fell to the 24th overall spot, a pick acquired by the Dallas Cowboys. 1,489 receiving yards later, Bryant was charged for assaulting his mother on July 16th, 2012. This was not the first time Bryant got in trouble with the law; in March of 2011, two lawsuits were filed against the star wide receiver for not paying for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Obviously, these brand-new assault charges were the last straw for Jerry Jones. "The reason I hadn't talked to him is because I'm so pissed that I'm not ready to talk to him. When I get all my stuff together, I'll talk to him." Traditionally, a fight between a player and a team official in any sport never fares well for either side.
     Luckily, the two have taken major stride towards being more cooperative with each other since the fight. Bryant and Jones have met, talked about the incident and hopefully are on the same page. We will see how the recent events affects the Dallas Cowboys' play in 2012, but it will be hard for the Dallas franchise to forget about this cowboy standoff.


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