Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 NFL Predictions (AFC South)

1. Houston Texans (11-5): Even though the Texans lost linebacker Mario Williams to free agency, they proved in 2011 that they can succeed without their pro-bowl defender. Brian Cushing and JJ Watts are the two stars up front, where as corner back Jonathon Joseph will shut down any team's number one wide receiver. Matt Schaub will return to this offense, restoring his great chemistry with wide receiver Andre Johnson. Once again, Houston will dominate the AFC South.

Brian Cushing (Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Week 1: Dolphins @ Texans W
Week 2: Texans @ Jaguars W
Week 3: Texans @ Broncos L
Week 4: Titans @ Texans W
Week 5: Texans @ Jets W
Week 6: Packers @ Texans L
Week 7: Ravens @ Texans L
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: Bills @ Texans W
Week 10: Texans @ Bears L
Week 11: Jaguars @ Texans W
Week 12: Texans @ Lions L
Week 13: Texans @ Titans W
Week 14: Texans @ Patriots W
Week 15: Colts @ Texans W
Week 16: Vikings @ Texans W
Week 17: Texans @ Colts W

2. Indianapolis Colts (6-10): The new face of Indianapolis has high expectations when entering the 2012 season. Andrew Luck was selected first overall by a team who lost their star quarterback in Peyton Manning. In order to make Luck feel slightly more comfortable, Indianapolis drafted Coby Fleener, a tight end who also attended Stanford. Veteran Reggie Wayne could still be lethal, and will be the number one deep threat for this rookie quarterback. The main problem is defense for Indianapolis, something the Colts struggled to put together in 2011. the organization did not do much to fix their struggling defense, so the offense will be expected to pick up the slack.

Andrew Luck (Michael Conroy/AP)
Week 1: Colts @ Bears L
Week 2: Vikings @ Colts W
Week 3: Jaguars @ Colts W
Week 4: BYE
Week 5: Packers @ Colts L
Week 6: Colts @ Jets L
Week 7: Browns @ Colts W
Week 8: Colts @ Titans L
Week 9: Dolphins @ Colts W
Week 10: Colts @ Jaguars W
Week 11: Colts @ Patriots L
Week 12: Bills @ Colts W
Week 13: Colts @ Lions L
Week 14: Titans @ Colts L
Week 15: Colts @ Texans L
Week 16: Colts @ Chiefs L
Week 17: Texans @ Colts L

3. Tennessee Titans (5-11): Jake Locker has been named starter of the Tennessee Titans over Matt Hasselbeck, a decision I don't necessarily agree with. The season starts off with four extremely difficult games, where a veteran quarterback needs to step in and lead his team to victory. By the time the dust settles in Tennessee, the Titans will find themselves in a hole, and unable to find their way out. Chis Johnson says he gained 10 pounds over the off season, and I believe he has another chance at 2,000 rushing yards. Otherwise, the Titans are out of luck, and will struggle to keep their heads above water.

Kendall Wright
Week 1: Patriots @ Titans L
Week 2: Titans @ Chargers L
Week 3: Lions @ Titans L
Week 4: Titans @ Texans L
Week 5: Titans @ Vikings W
Week 6: Steelers @ Titans L
Week 7: Titans @ Bills L
Week 8: Colts @ Titans W
Week 9: Bears @ Titans L
Week 10: Titans @ Dolphins L
Week 11: BYE
Week 12: Titans @ Jaguars W
Week 13: Texans @ Titans L
Week 14: Titans @ Colts W
Week 15: Jets @ Titans L
Week 16: Titans @ Packers L
Week 17: Jaguars @ Titans W

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-15): The Blaine Gabbert experiment in Jacksonville is not likely to succeed, even with targets such as Marcedes Lewis and rookie Justin Blackmon. The worst news of all is Maurice Jones-Drew's holdout, which is currently unfolding. In fact, MJD has made it clear to the media that he is looking for trade options. If Jacksonville were to lose their one and only star of the team, the Jaguars would be many years away from earning a spot in the playoffs.

Maurice Jones Drew (Getty Images)
Week 1: Jaguars @ Vikings W
Week 2: Texans @ Jaguars L
Week 3: Jaguars @ Colts L
Week 4: Bengals @ Jaguars L
Week 5: Bears @ Jaguars L
Week 6: BYE
Week 7: Jaguars @ Raiders L
Week 8: Jaguars @ Packers L
Week 9: Lions @ Jaguars L
Week 10: Colts @ Jaguars L
Week 11: Jaguars @ Texans L
Week 12: Titans @ Jaguars L
Week 13: Jaguars @ Bills L
Week 14: Jets @ Jaguars L
Week 15: Jaguars @ Dolphins L
Week 16: Patriots @ Jaguars L
Week 17: Jaguars @ Titans L

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