Friday, January 24, 2014

Top 10 Super Bowls of All Time

10. Super Bowl III: Jets 16, Colts 7: Going into Super Bowl III, Jets quarterback Joe Namath guaranteed that New York would upset the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. In the end, Broadway Joe was right. Super Bowl III itself was not very exciting, seeing that the Jets had control throughout the entirety of the game; however, Super Bowl III marks the largest upset in Super Bowl history, where Joe Namath and the Jets were able to put the AFL on the map.

9. Super Bowl XXXII: Broncos 31, Packers 24: As of 1997, John Elway had yet to win a Super Bowl, and critics were beginning to question Elway's legacy. In Super Bowl XXXII, Elway had a hard time pulling away from Favre and the Packers, but with 1:45 left in the game, Broncos running back Terrell Davis ran into the end zone, thus giving Denver a 31-24 lead over the Packers. Denver went on to win the game, and John Elway finally won his first Super Bowl at the age 37.

8. Super Bowl XIII: Steelers 35, Cowboys 31: Throughout the 1970's, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys were engaged in a bitter rivalry. In Super Bowl XIII, 14 total players on the field that game went on to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, which is not including coaches Chuck Noll and Tom Landry (both Hall of Fame coaches). Following a drop by Cowboys' tight end Jackie Smith in the end zone, the game seemed all but over, and even though Roger Staubach scored on two consecutive drives, the Steelers went on to beat Dallas yet again.

7. Super Bowl XXXIV: Rams 23, Titans 16: Super Bowl XXXIV did not become very entertaining until the second half, where the halftime score was just 9-0 St Louis. In response to a 13 play, 79 yard drive by Tennessee in the fourth quarter, Rams quarterback Kurt Warner threw a 73 yard pass to receiver Isaac Bruce. With 1:54 left in the game, Titans quarterback Steve McNair marched Tennessee down the field. In one of the most famous plays in Super Bowl history, McNair passed to Kevin Dyson in the last play of the game, but was tackled a yard short of the end zone, and St. Louis won Super Bowl XXXIV.

6. Super Bowl XXIII: 49ers 20, Bengals 16: At the start of the fourth quarter, the Cincinnati Bengals had a surprising lead of 13-6 over the heavily favored Niners, but unsurprisingly, 49ers legend Joe Montana pioneered a 92-yard drive to win San Francisco the game. Apart from Joe Montana's drive, Super Bowl XXIII was a relatively boring game, which is why this game is not higher on the list.

5. Super Bowl XXXVI: Patriots 20, Rams 17: The same year future legend Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe in New England, the Patriots were able to play St. Louis in Super Bowl XXXVI. The Rams, otherwise known as the "Greatest Show on Turf", were heavily favored entering this matchup, but thanks to Tom Brady's drive up the field with 1:30 left in the game, Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri hit a 48-yard game winning field goal as time expired.

4. Super Bowl XXXVIII: Patriots 32, Panthers 29: Two years after the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, Tom Brady and the Patriots returned to football's biggest stage to play the Carolina Panthers. Following a low scoring first half, both offenses exploded in the second half. In response to an 80 yard drive by Carolina to tie the game at 29, Tom Brady marched up the field once again, setting up Adam Vinatieri for yet another Super Bowl winning field goal. Brady's second Super Bowl ring solidified his legacy as a quarterback.

3. Super Bowl XXV: Giants 20, Bills 19: Amidst the Gulf War taking place n 1991, Super Bowl XXV was one of the greatest spectacles in Super Bowl history. Neither the Giants nor the Bills committed a turnover throughout the game, and despite Buffalo quarterback Jim Kelly's attempt to drive his team up field for the winning kick, kicker Scott Norwood missed the game-winning kick, as it soared wide right.

2. Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers 27, Cardinals 23: Super Bowl XLIII is likely the most exciting Super Bowl in recent memory, but it is not number one due to the lack of history between the Cardinals and Steelers. The Cardinals were not expected to make the Super Bowl, let alone win, but they managed to stay competitive throughout the duration of the game. A 64 yard touchdown catch by Larry Fitzgerald put the Cardinals up by a score of 23-20 with 2:37 left in the game, more than enough time for Ben Roethlisberger to march down the field. The game winning catch with 35 seconds left came from Santonio Holmes, who somehow managed to get both feet down in the very corner of the end zone.

1. Super Bowl XLII: Giants 17, Patriots 14: Not only was Super Bowl XLII exciting until the very end, but New England's shot at a perfect season was on the line as well. The Patriots were clear favorites at 18-0 entering this game, but Eli Manning and the Giants planned on spoiling the perfect season. With 2:39 in the fourth quarter, Eli Manning needed a touchdown in order to erase the 14-10 deficit. Manning converted on multiple third and fourth downs, but the most important play in Super Bowl history was made by wide receiver David Tyree. Eli Manning somehow managed to escape New England's relentless pass rushers on 3rd and 5 and heave a 32 yard pass to David Tyree. Tyree then pinned the ball to his head while being draped by one of the best corners in the league. Plaxico Burress went on to score the winning touchdown, thus ending New England's chances at the elusive perfect season.

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