Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Complete NFL Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Round
AFC: (3) Cincinnati Bengals over (6) San Diego Chargers
AFC: (4) Indianapolis Colts over (5) Kansas City Chiefs
NFC: (3) Philadelphia Eagles over (6) New Orleans Saints
NFC: (5) San Francisco 49ers over (4) Green Bay Packers

Divisional Round
AFC: (3) Cincinnati Bengals over (2) New England Patriots (OT)
AFC: (1) Denver Broncos over (4) Indianapolis Colts
NFC: (2) Carolina Panthers over (3) Philadelphia Eagles
NFC: (1) Seattle Seahawks (5) San Francisco 49ers

Championship Round
AFC: (3) Cincinnati Bengals over (1) Denver Broncos
NFC: (1) Seattle Seahawks over (2) Carolina Panthers

Super Bowl
We predict the Cincinnati Bengals to be playing the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, where the game is to be played in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Even though both teams have been around for more than 35 years, neither franchise has lifted the Lombardi Trophy. Cincinnati, who is more accustomed to the colder weather, will jump out to an early lead, and will be ahead of the Seahawks 13-10 at the half. But once the second half rolls around, Seattle will take control of the game, and will go on to win Super Bowl XVIII.
Seahawks over Bengals 27-21
Super Bowl MVP: QB Russell Wilson 290 passing yards, 2 passing TDs

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  1. Seattle Seahawks all the best ,hope you guys lift 2014 super bowl after 35 years.
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