Monday, January 20, 2014

Highlights from the BCS National Championship Game

One of the big ones, I'd say.

A couple things we can take out of this one: 

Well obviously, the Coaches' Trophy has left the SEC! For the first time in about seven years, mind you, and I am delighted to write that one. I am also thankful that there ended up being an SEC representative in this game. If you recall, it was close to looking like Ohio State vs. Florida State, in which case we would have a bunch of SEC homers on our hands whining about the flawed BCS and how the best teams were all in the SEC and how they prevented each other from punching a national championship ticket and how this and how that… I would have tired pretty quickly. Only a well timed upset from the staunch Spartans in the Big 10 title game let Auburn make it. 

Now Jameis Winston isn't the most eloquent of athletes perhaps-no who are we kidding, he refutes any value the American dream places in a collegiate education. However, one must grant that he won that game, late. He didn't play all together too well, but he brought home a victory on the biggest night of the year, and for that sole reason, we have to commend him as a great player. Those last two drives proved not only that he will be a great quarterback, but in fact that he is. 

The SEC is not the only conference out there anymore. Between, of course, the ACC, but also the Big 10, the Pac 12, and even the Big 12 (thanks for the upset Sooners!), things look more level in college football than they have in a long time. Hopefully we see this trend continue, as it is good for the sport to have more than one relevant conference. 

Ultimately, we should be grateful for a great game. It feels like the BCS went out the way it should have, with a great, well watched, relevant championship game between two quality opponents and a couple national superstars. Here are a couple more quick photos

Despite a heroic effort, Marshall and his Tigers fell just short

I agree, I think, but honestly I couldn't tell you. Regardless, a great quarterback... 
…Because of plays like this one. Chris Davis is a great cornerback who couldn't repeat the feat. 
… and this one. We have to hand it to the kid.
Well deserved, for sure

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