Saturday, December 14, 2013

Opinion- Collisions at Home Plate

In case you haven't already read, the MLB banned collisions at home plate last week as increased concerns over concussions and brain damage have rocked the sports world. As science progresses, we are quickly realizing that concussions and what many athletes consider "getting your bell rung" can do serious damage in the long term. While the MLB hasn't had nearly as many incidents as the NFL or NHL on the issue, the one place that these incidents occur on a somewhat frequent basis is at home plate, specifically in collisions. Young stars like Buster Posey and Desmond Jennings have been seriously affected by incidents over the past few years and Posey's collision in particular was what led the MLB to reassess their policy. Protecting players has to be the most important goal of the MLB and the decision made last week was a great step in the quest to have a safer game for all involved.

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