Saturday, July 12, 2014


After much waiting, LeBron James has finally loosened his grasp on the NBA and its future by making up his mind and deciding to return to Cleveland, instead of Miami and the "Big 3."  LeBron grew up in Akron, Ohio, a city very close to Cleveland, and still lives there during the NBA offseason.  He clearly loves his home and feels a connection with it "greater than basketball," as he said.  In a piece on, LeBron dictated his reasons behind this decision, and the clear regrets that he had regarding the way in which he chose to leave his home four years ago.  The Cavaliers and their fans chose to put ESPN's "The Decision" behind them and welcome "The King" back to his throne with open arms (well, how can you blame them, for James is the best player in the world), and LeBron chose to put behind him Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's nasty letter from that fateful day in 2010 that described James as a coward, quitter, and traitor.  Things in Cleveland have been looking up from a sports persepective lately, as the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel and now the Cavs have a savior.  Despite the fact that James might have to be more patient with his new team and might not win another championship as soon as he might have in Miami, it is hard not respect him for choosing what is more important.  LeBron James is going home, and they sure are glad to have him back.

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  1. Fans in Cleveland are real fans , they celebrate the return of Lebron James once he announced he will return to the Cavaliers.