Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Patrick Peterson Contract Leads to Twitter Feud with Richard Sherman

Last night, Patrick Peterson announced via Twitter that he had signed a new deal with the Arizona Cardinals worth $70 million over the course of five years, with $48 million guaranteed. This new deal makes Peterson the highest paid cornerback in NFL history, two million dollars more than Joe Haden and four million dollars more than Sherman. Patrick Peterson has played in all 16 games in each of his first three seasons, where he has played in three Pro-Bowls, and has also been named to two All-Pro teams. 
The fact that Peterson has passed Sherman in terms of salary seemingly irritated Seattle's cornerback, as he replied by retweeting the message seen below. This is not the first time that these two cornerbacks have been involved in a Twitter-feud, where Peterson instigated a verbal fight after arguing against Sherman's new contract back in May.
After seeing Sherman's retweet, Patrick Peterson continued the feud into today with a response of his own, calling Sherman out for being jealous now that he was making less money than Peterson. It was clear that Peterson would respond based on the history of these two players, and football fans knew that Sherman was bound to respond based on his reputation around the league.
The final tweet of this feud came from Sherman with the end-all-be-all argument that Sherman possesses a Super Bowl ring, unlike Peterson of the Cardinals. Sherman posted a picture of his ring, and from then on out, Twitter was relatively silent involving these two stars.
Later today, Peterson tried to downplay the comments made on Twitter, saying he was happy for Sherman following the recent deal with the Seahawks. Whether or not Peterson is worth the money is for you to decide.

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