Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NFL Power Rankings Week 10

1. Kansas City Chiefs: The Kansas City Chiefs are the only perfect team remaining this season, and even though their Week 10 Bye gives them time to prepare for Denver in Week 11, it is unlikely that they can beat the Broncos. We expect there to be a new team at number one in the power rankings in two weeks time.

2. Denver Broncos: In my mind, the Denver Broncos are by far the best team in the National Football League, but there is some unwritten rule where the undefeated team must be number one in power rankings; otherwise, I would have Denver at number one in a heartbeat. So far, quarterback Peyton Manning is the clear favorite to win Most Valuable Player.

3. Indianapolis Colts: Thanks to a field goal shank in overtime by Houston's kicker, the Indianapolis Colt's narrowly squeaked by the Houston Texans. Nevertheless, Andrew Luck led the tenth game-winning drive of his career, proving that the Colts are extremely dangerous in close match ups.

4. San Francisco 49ers: This week's game against the Carolina Panthers is a dangerous game for the San Francisco 49ers, where the Panthers have maintained a 5-3 record entering Week 10. Ever since scoring a combined 10 points in Weeks 2 and 3, San Francisco's offense is averaging 34.8 points per game. The 49ers offense, particularly the running game, looks very dangerous, and I can see them at number one in the power rankings by the end of the regular season.

5. Seattle Seahawks: Similarly to Indianapolis, the Seattle Seahawks almost lost in Week 9, the only difference being the Seattle Seahawks were playing at home. Everyone knows the Seahawks at home is just like Popeye on spinach; once they have their secret weapon, good luck beating them. Yet the Seahawks were playing Tampa Bay, who have yet to win so far in 2013. This narrow victory definitely hurts their stock in the power rankings.

6. New England Patriots: FINALLY. Quarterback Tom Brady seems to have found his groove, especially with a healthy Gronk and Amendola in the starting lineup. If Brady is able to continue with this incredible hot streak, then the New England Patriots will shoot up the power rankings faster than a healthy CJ Spiller.
7. New Orleans Saints: Who would have thought that the New York Jets would take control of their game against the New Orleans Saints. Coach Rex Ryan remains undefeated in games against brother Rob, the Saints' defensive coordinator. Looking forward, the Saints have several big games, and there is little doubt in my mind that the Saints will lose at least three more games before the end of the season.

8. Cincinnati Bengals: After upsetting teams such as San Francisco and New England, the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Miami Dolphins in one of the ugliest games of the season last Thursday. Now that Cincinnati has that terrible performance out of their system, we expect nothing but the best from the Bengals.

9. Detroit Lions: Coming off of a Bye in Week 9, the Detroit Lions must play Chicago on the road. This game has the potential to be a blowout for the Lions offense, especially if Jay Cutler is not playing on Sunday. Calvin Johnson is healthy once again, causing defensive coordinators to panic in preparation for this offensive weapon.

10. Chicago Bears: Yes, the Chicago Bears beat the Packers on Monday Night while Green Bay was missing Aaron Rodgers, but Chicago was also missing their starting quarterback due to injury. Does this mean Chicago would still have won if both quarterbacks were healthy? That is unclear. What we do know is that Matt Forte is a complete stud, quite possibly the best running back of the 2013 season. 

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