Friday, November 22, 2013

2014 Fantasy Baseball Rankings- 11-20

For rankings 1-10, click here. Check back in a few days for rankings 20-50! Comment which rankings you agree with and what changes you would make.

11. Ryan Braun
Had Braun not been suspended for steroid use in 2013, he most likely would have been on the way to another MVP caliber season. Though there is reason to be concerned about the effects of his steroid use, his peripherals are slightly more concerning. In his short-lived 2013 season, he batted .298 with a .360 BABIP, 19 points above his career average. We predict that Braun's numbers will regress slightly from career averages in 2014 though he will still provide excellent value as a late first round pick or early second rounder.

12. Chris Davis
Davis is arguably the biggest candidate to be a bust in 2014. We know he has power, but players do not typically break out at age 27 after 8 full years in the MLB. 2013 was also the first season in which Davis played more than 140 games, just another concern for Davis. We predict Davis to regress in 2013, and numbers of .270/35/100 seem realistic for the first baseman.

13- Adam Jones
Prior to 2012, Jones had been seen as a constant disappointment for fantasy owners. Each season he was touted a "breakout" candidate, but he never had that big season. Things changed in 2012, however, when he blasted 32 home runs, stole 16 bases and scored 103 runs. He put up nearly identical numbers in 2013, good for 10th on ESPN's player rater. Expect Jones to maintain his numbers in 2014, which should fall around .285/30/100.

14. Joey Votto
Votto is one of the most consistent players you can draft in the first couple rounds. He has never batted below .300 in a season, he has hit 24 or more home runs in 5 of the past 6 seasons and he has stayed healthy for nearly all of his career, playing all 162 games in 2013. If Votto drops to 14, consider yourself lucky.

15. Prince Fielder
After a disappointing 2013 campaign, Fielder is a prime candidate for a bounce back season in 2014. The Rangers ballpark is far superior to Comerica park for left handed hitters and it certainly won't hurt that he will be batting clean-up for one of the best offenses in the AL. If Fielder can keep his contact rate up, he should be in for a huge season, providing 1st round value for a 2nd round pick.

16. Adrian Beltre
It is pretty miraculous for Beltre to be putting up the numbers he did in his 16th season in the MLB. Since 2010 Beltre has put together a string of all-star seasons, batting an average of .313 with 126 home runs, an average of nearly 32 per season. Beltre should also benefit from the arrival of Prince Fielder who adds a serious weapon to the already strong Rangers offense.

17. Stephen Strasburg
Strasburg has all the tools to be the 2nd best pitcher in baseball behind Clayton Kershaw, he just has yet to put them all together. Had Strasburg not been shut down in 2013, he more than likely would have improved on his already impressive numbers. A down year for the Nationals and some of the worst run support in the MLB left Strasburg out of luck in terms of wins, as he garnered just 8 over the course of the season. Look for Strasburg to have a tremendous 2014 campaign.

18. Evan Longoria
Longoria had a puzzling 2013 season. Though his fly ball rate was over 2% higher than his career average, his line drive rate dropped which led to a drop in batting average. One interesting stat to watch for Longoria in 2014 will be his K rate. In 2013, it rose to 23.4 from his 20.5 career average. Longoria should put together another strong season in 2014, with an average near .280 to go along with 35 HR and 100 RBI.

19. Giancarlo Stanton
Stanton has the most raw power in the MLB. With a career ISO (Isolated Power) of .270, Stanton should contribute upwards of 40 HRs this season. Increased patience at the plate (his BB rate was 3 points above his career average in 2013 and his K rate dropped a full point in 2013 from his career average) should also help boost his fantasy value.

20. Yu Darvish
Unlike fellow Japanese-native Daisuke Matsuzaka, who proved to be a bust after just 1 successful season, Yu Darvish proved in 2013 that he has the stuff to remain an elite starter in the MLB for years to come. Darvish struck out an astounding 277 batters in 2013 to go along with a sub 3 ERA and should produce similar stats in 2014. 

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