Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 NFL Playoff Predictions (Full)

Wild Card Round:
AFC: 3. Texans over 6. Bengals
AFC: 4. Ravens over 5. Colts
NFC: 3. Packers over 6. Vikings
NFC: 5. Seahawks over 4. Redskins

Divisional Round:
AFC: 2. Patriots over 3. Texans
AFC: 1. Broncos over 4. Ravens
NFC: 3. Packers over 2. 49ers
NFC: 5. Seahawks over 1. Falcons (OT)

Championship Round:
AFC: 1. Broncos over 2. Patriots
NFC: 3. Packers over 5. Seahawks

Super Bowl: Secretly, everyone hopes to see Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl after a serious neck injury kept him from playing in 2011. However, the Packers will have momentum after rolling past the 49ers, and then the Seahawks, as they take home their 5th Super Bowl title.
Packers over Broncos 33-20

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