Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tom Brady Loses Appeal, Goodell Will Keep Suspension at Four Games

Earlier today, the NFL announced that Tom Brady's supension will be kept at four games for the star quarterback's supposed involvement in the saga known as "Deflategate." The major breakthrough that accompanied the announcement was that on March 6th, the day that Tom Brady interviewed with Ted Wells, the quarterback asked an assistant to destroy a cellphone that he had been using since November of 2014. The NFL simply viewed Brady's unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation as an ongoing pattern.
Meanwhile, Brady's attornee Don Yee quickly released a statement of his own: "The commissioner's decision is deeply disappointing, but not suprising because the appeal process was thoroughly lacking in procedural fairness. Most importantly, neither Tom nor the Patriots did anything wrong. And the NFL has no evidence that anything inappropriate occured. The appeal process was a sham, resulting in the Commissioner in the Commissioner rubber-stamping his own decision." Don Yee went on to complain that the NFL gave Brady and his team just several days to prepare for a four hour argument in juxtaposition to the roughly 100 days that the NFL had to prepare. Moreover, Brady's team points to the third party's that sided with the Patriots, whereas the the information collected by the NFL's investigation is deemed "junk" by Yee. Lastly, Yee argues that the team presented Goodell with all kinds of electronic data, even though this data was eventually "ignored."

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