Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Madden NFL 15 Features, News, and Updates

With summer not only comes the arrival of barbecues, fireworks, and days at the beach, but also rumors and updates regarding the new Madden video game to arrive in late August. The Madden franchise is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time thanks to their huge following in the United States; however, as of late, many have accused Madden of doing very little to improve their games each and every year. On June 9th, Madden responded to these comments by presenting new features of Madden 15 at the E3 conference that will hopefully win back a portion of their original fanbase. The features include:

Player Sense 2.0
In this new game, Madden boasts that many aspects regarding player awareness has been improved, including emotions, head tracking, reach tackles, etc. Zone and man-to-man coverage will improve thanks to better reactions by players with high defensive ratings, such as when to swat a ball versus when to attempt an interception. Man coverage will be more realistic thanks to minor tweakings that will affect how much separation will be between the defender and receiver. Secondly, Madden NFL 15 will introduce disguised defenses, where opposing secondaries will trick offenses by showing one defensive alignment but carrying out another. Real AI 2.0 is another new development in the updated player sense that improves the decision-making of the CPU. According to EASports.com:

"Thanks to Real AI 2.0, computer quarterbacks understand different passing concepts, and will read defenders before making correct throws. They'll also audible and call hot routes based on Real AI, and also have improved logic for handling pressure in the pocket."

Along with the audibles and hot routes mentioned earlier, the CPU will make certain decisions you would see from an actual user, including fake snaps meant to draw players offside.
The presentation of any sports game is a key feature that dictates the success of a game. Madden believes they have improved presentation drastically for the newest version of the game. The people at EA Sports attempted to replicate an authentic NFL-style broadcast. There will now be a refined drop-down system to add updates on player performances during a game, as well as banners in Connected Franchise mode meant to provide context game to the feature, such as Playoff Chase and Divisional Standings banners. Also, if a certain player recently made a big play, Madden will show a compilation of that players highlights from the game. More than 80 hours of commentating was filmed by Jim Nantz and color commentator Phil Simms, looking to create a smooth, comfortable broadcast throughout the game.
New Playcalling
The game-flow system in Madden is better than ever based on incorporating the opponent's tendencies as seen in data results. New playcalling also keeps track of how often one calls a certain play and the success of that play.

Tackling System
Madden NFL 15 will introduce a new Tackle Cone to help determine if the user can complete a conservative tackle. By pressing A on Xbox One or X on PS4, the user player can use a non-big hit tackle animation as long as the player is within the Tackle Cone (player ratings will dictate the success of the tackle). Aggressive tackles can be achieved by pressing X on Xbocx One or Square on PS4 to do a Hit Stick tackle. If the ballcarrier is outside of three yards, a dive tackle will be attempted.
To read more about recent updates about Madden 15, you can go on the EASports website here. the game will be in stores on August 26th.

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