Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NFL Free Agency: Day 2 Recap

Darrelle Revis Signs with Patriots: After the Denver Broncos dominated the first day of free agency, Bill Belicheck retaliated by making a big signing of his own. Darrelle Revis is meant to serve as Aqib Talib's replacement, but they are not taking a huge risk because the contract is for just one season ($12 million). Revis' disappointing season in 2013 clearly drove down the price of his yearly salary, so a successful season in 2014 may allow Revis to earn a new contract for more money. With a rematch between Denver and New England seemingly unavoidable, it will be interesting to see how these new teams will match up against one another.

DeMarcus Ware Signs with Denver: Not only did Denver sign Pro-Bowlers Aqib Talib and TJ Ward in this year's free agency, but the addition of DeMarcus Ware today will clearly enhance a previously mediocre defense. Ware totaled 117 sacks over the course of his career, which is the most sacks by any player in a nine year span, only behind Hall-of-Famer Reggie White; however, Ware had the lowest sack total of his career last season with six, and also had no forced fumbles for the first time of his career.

Eric Decker Now A New York Jet: Close to midnight on day two of the NFL's free agency, it was announced that Eric Decker will play for the New York Jets next season, where he will make 36.25 million over the course of five years. It comes as no surprise that the Broncos were unable to re-sign Decker following their recent acquisitions (Talib, Ward, and Ware).

Golden Tate Strikes Deal with Lions: Throughout Calvin Johnson's career, he has never played alongside a game-changing wide-receiver, which obviously puts a lot of pressure on Megatron to succeed. Now that the Lions have signed Golden Tate to a five-year deal worth $31 million, Matthew Stafford will have another wide receiver to choose from, which may draw potential double teams away from Calvin.

Steve Smith No Longer a Carolina Panther: After spending thirteen years in Carolina, today, we were told that Steve Smith will no longer be a pat of the Panthers' organization. The date of his release has yet to be announced, but there will clearly be many teams looking to sign the future Hall-of-Famer.

Jared Allen May Leave the NFL: Jared Allen said today that he would be willing to leave the NFL if he is not offered the right amount of money. Earlier in the day, Denver supposedly offered Allen 3-years, $30 million, but instead, this offer was accepted by DeMarcus Ware. Now, Allen will have to wait for an equal amount of money, or else he will retire from the NFL.

Other notable story lines: Seattle Seahawks released defensive end Chris Clemens, Josh McCown signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Brandon Weeden was cut by the Cleveland Browns. 

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