Saturday, March 8, 2014

College Football-NFL Comparisons: Teddy Bridgewater

        Teddy Bridgewater has been on everyone's minds for two full seasons now, as a couple of years ago he went on a tear and rose to national prominence. Since then, people expected a Heisman out of him (not really close) and definitely a high draft pick, perhaps even first overall (much closer). Bridgewater's is a slight frame by NFL standards, at a combine 6'2" and 214 lbs. Other than this however, (a weakness easily remedied by an NFL strength program which could probably add 10 or 15 solid pounds to his collegiate frame) Bridgewater does not have many things going against him. While there is no stand out quarterback in this draft, Bridgewater is widely accepted to come closest to an Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin type player this year. He is by no means at their level, but he is closest. He, for one, believes that "I'm the best quarterback in the NFL draft."  He won't go first overall in all probability, but he will likely be taken top 5. Potential suitors definitely include the Jaguars who are looking for a quarterback and are intrigued by the former Cardinal. Obviously Houston at the top of the draft could spring for him as well, but most agree that in a relatively bad quarterback year the Texans might wait on that position. 

        I have seen one intriguing comparison this year, and it is certainly generous to a fault, but holds that Bridgewater reminds us of an Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was picked late in the first round, and is 6'2" 225 lbs. Beyond similar size, when he is at the top of his game Bridgewater absolutely reminds me of an elite quarterback. Like a Rodgers, he has an impressive ability to move up in the pocket and extend plays with his feet, keeping his eyes downfield. He throws a great long ball, (sometimes it is nothing short of stunning) and his accuracy, especially into tight windows on quick plays, is excellent. Bridgewater also limits his picks very effectively, with a grand total of 4 last season. Not only does Bridgewater make for a great highlight reel, but he has a consistently high level of play and manages games well. All this is not to say that Bridgewater will enjoy the NFL success of Aaron Rodgers, but rather that that is his ceiling. He promises to be an exciting NFL player, at the least. 

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