Thursday, March 21, 2013

Madden 25 Cover Vote Round 2 Picks (Old School)

(1) Joe Montana over (9) Jerome Bettis: Quite possibly the greatest passer in NFL history, Joe Montana easily beat Jake Delhomme in the first round of voting, and Jerome Bettis will not put up a fight against the 4-time Super Bowl champ.

(5) Marshall Faulk over (4) Dan Marino: Even though Marshall Faulk has already made an appearance on the Madden cover (Madden 2003), Faulk is the favorite to win this match up. Dan Marino put up mind-boggling statistics, but Faulk's accomplishments are fresh in the minds of today's generation.

(3) Barry Sanders over (6) Marcus Allen: Barry Sanders flew through the 1st round, gaining a whopping 95% of the vote. Last year, Sanders won the cover of NCAA Football 13, so a Madden cover bid is very likely for this elusive Hall of Famer.

(3) Ray Lewis over (10) LaDanian Tomlinson: LaDanian Tomlinson may be one of my favorite players to play the game, but Ray Lewis has a legitimate shot at making another appearance on the cover in the wake of his recent retirement. 

(1) Jerry Rice over (9) Eddie George: Running back Eddie George barely made it past the first round, as he faces the greatest wide receiver in the game, Jerry Rice. Rice is clearly a fan favorite, as he gained 95% of the vote in round 1.

(5) Michael Strahan over (4) Kurt Warner: Though this pick does not feel like a lock, Michael Strahan has been gaining recent publicity while many defensive players have challenged his sack record of 22.5 sacks in a single season. Warner did not add the same level of energy as Strahan did with New York. 

(3) Troy Aikman over (6) Tim Brown: Probably the weakest match up to take place in the second round, Troy Aikman has the slight edge over Tim Brown. A win in the second round will likely lead to Aikman losing in the third.

(2) Deion Sanders over (10) Terrell Davis: 'Prime Time' is the heavy favorite over Terrell Davis, especially after winning over 90% of the voting in the first round. Few defensive players are represented in the Madden 25 voting, and it is Sanders that has the best chance to capture the cover.

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