Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fantasy Football: Running Backs (Week 8)

Alfred Morris (Washington Post)

1. Arian Foster: Houston's number one running back is the undisputed number one fantasy player at his position. His speed, elusiveness, and power makes him an intimidating force on the field. Entering Houston's Week 8 bye, Foster has yet to score less than fourteen points for his fantasy owners in a given week. The road that lies ahead is an easy one for this star running back, and you can count on him to consistently rake in double digit points.
(Stats: 659 rushing yards, 10 total TDs, 127 fantasy points)

2. Ray Rice: Though he is not quite as consistent as Foster, Ray Rice has the ability to alter fantasy football games. With only two games under the ten point mark, Rice averages 14.3 fantasy points per game, which puts him at number two in the league. Though he does not have any receiving touchdowns this season, Rice's receiving skills adds a whole other dimension to his game.
(Stats: 524 rushing yards, 5 total TDs, 100 fantasy points)

3. Adrian Peterson: Even an ACL tear can't keep Adrian Peterson from dominating the league. His 13.1 points per game puts him at fifth in the league, but yardage has not been a problem for this star. Though he only has four rushing touchdowns, the 775 rushing yards is a positive sign for the future.
(Stats: 775 rushing yards, 4 total TDs, 92 fantasy points)

4. Alfred Morris: RGIII isn't the only offensive star in Washington. In the first seven weeks of Morris' 2012 season, he has scored five rushing touchdown, giving him an average of 13.3 fantasy points per game. His consistent play makes him the perfect running back for those who wish to succeed in their fantasy football leagues.
(Stats: 658 rushing yards, 5 total TDs, 93 fantasy points)

5. Jamaal Charles: A slow start to his comeback season left many fantasy owners wondering why they spent so much for this struggling rusher. Then, in Week 3, Charles turned into the old Jamaal Charles, rushing for 233 yards and 1 touchdown. Since that game, Charles has been consistently gaining great yardage, and his Week 7 bye should make him well rested for the road ahead.
(Stats: 591 rushing yards, 3 total TDs, 81 fantasy points)

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