Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 5 Sunday Headlines

     In this weeks wrap-up of Sunday's events, the amount of content to write about was not as vast as in several weeks prior. There were few upsets, not that many outstanding performances, and above all, just a boring week of football. What am I saying, every week is a great week for football. Without further ado here are the three best story lines from Sunday's action.

Alex Smith
1. Brady survives a late Denver comeback: Entering Foxborough's game, Brady seemed like the ultimate favorite over Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Throughout the first half, New England was not exactly flawless, but were able to put points on the board. With just four minutes left in the third quarter, New England was up 31-7, and many presumed the game was all but over. Then, Manning completed a two yard pass to Eric Decker, making it a seventeen point game. Nearly half a quarter went by before Manning returned to the red zone, completing a pass to Brandon Stokley, a ten point game with six minutes left. Then, in Denver's territory, running back Stevan Ridley fumbled the ball, handing back the ball to Manning and the Broncos. Denver had no problems marching up the field until they reached the 14 yard line. Then, Willis McGhee mimicked Ridley by coughing up the football, sealing the deal for New England. Brady out played Manning in one of the greatest quarterback series of all time.

2. RGIII leaves with an injury: With 6:12 left on the clock against a very talented Falcons team, RGIII went down with a head injury. There were two criticisms involving the loss of RGIII, one blaming the defender, the other blaming RGIIIs own coach. First, it appeared that the Falcons defender hit the opposing team's quarterback very late in the play. Even if Griffin was yet to be ruled down, the nature of the hit was extremely unnecessary, such that he could have easily put two hands on him and the play would have ended. Secondly, the NFL is criticizing head coach Mike Shanahan for not providing enough information on the seriousness of Griffin's state. The league is reviewing Shanahan's behavior, but it has been provided that RGIII will be expected to play next week against Minnesota.

3. Luck upsets the Pack: At one point in this afternoon's game, Luck and the Colts found themselves down to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers by a grand total of 18 points. Then, over the course of one full quarter, Indianapolis scored 19 unanswered points, giving the Colts a one point lead. However, the lead did not last very long, and soon, the Packers were up 27-21. Then, with 0:35 left on the clock, Luck found Reggie Wayne for a late touchdown, and Rodgers had little time to work with. However, Rodgers completed three quick passes, setting up Mason Crosby for a 51 yard field goal attempt. Unfortunately, Crosby hooked the field goal wide left, giving Luck the first comeback win of his career.

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