Saturday, September 7, 2013

2014 Playoff Predictions: Wild Card

Patriots over Chiefs: The Patriots may be lacking talented wide receivers, but Tom Brady is one of the most experienced quarterbacks in playoff history. By the time the playoffs roll around, tight end Rob Gronkowski will hopefully be healthy, and Brady will have adjusted to his young receiving corp. The Chiefs may be talented, but not talented enough to beat the Patriots on the road.

Bengals over Ravens: Both Baltimore's offense and defense looked awful in the second half of their season opener against Denver. Joe Flacco is lacking weapons at wide receiver thanks to the loss of Anquan Boldin and tight end Dennis Pitta. The defense forfeited 7 passing touchdowns against Denver in Week 1, while Cincinnati is the most underrated team in the league.

Saints over Packers: The return of Sean Payton will propel New Orleans back into playoff contention. We predict quarterback Drew Brees to surpass 5,000 passing yards for the fourth time in his career, while the Saints defense is likely to improve under new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers improved their running game with rookie Eddie Lacy, but New Orleans leaves Green Bay with the win in a close match.

Seahawks over Cowboys: By this point in the year, wide receiver Percy Harvin will have been fully healed from his injury, and the Seahawks offense will only become more lethal. Defensively, Seattle has one of the best pass rushing groups in the league. Dallas does not stand a chance.

Update: 8 out of the 12 teams that we predicted to make the playoffs actually made it to the postseason. The teams that we were wrong about were the Texans, Falcons, Cowboys, and Ravens

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