Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Preview

     At long last, just two teams remain, as they will be competing for the the 47th Super Bowl in the history of the National Football League. Even if Sunday's game is a complete blowout, everyone will remember Super Bowl XLVII for its nickname; the 'Harbowl.' Jim and John Harbaugh will be the first (and likely the last) pair of brothers to coach against each other in the Super Bowl. Both teams have little experience in the Super Bowl, but historically, one team has had more success when it comes to the big game over the other. San Francisco has won 5 Super Bowls since the organization joined the NFL in 1950, where as the Baltimore Ravens are looking for their second ring in thirteen years. Be sure to comment, subscribe, or like us on Facebook at! Also, subscribe to us on YouTube, where we create monthly highlight videos for some of the most exciting NFL players! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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