Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 11 Predictions

     The streak lasted nine weeks, but Atlanta was unable to continue their perfect season. Within the past five or six years, Atlanta has been unable to defeat their division rivals, the New Orleans Saints. The beginning of the game went well for Atlanta, with a quick touchdown and an interception that resulted in another three points. Throughout the remainder of the game, however, New Orleans dominated, resembling the same Saints team of 2011. The word that best describes Atlanta's performance was sloppy, with many errors late in the game. Matt Ryan had the perfect chance to take a last minute lead, but instead felt rushed by opposing defenders and threw an inaccurate pass to a blanketed wide receiver. Then, on third down with less than 20 seconds remaining, Ryan could have easily rushed for the first down and stop the clock, but he chose to bomb a ball downfield to the double teamed Roddy White, which resulted in an incomplete pass. The return of tight end Jimmy Graham as well as a win over Atlanta may mark the beginning of a hot streak in New Orleans. The weekend before Thanksgiving adds a playoff-like atmosphere to each and every game, where a single loss could set a playoff hopeful off course.

Adrian Peterson
Game to Watch: Bears @ 49ers: For the first time in four years, an NFL game, this time between San Francisco and St. Louis, resulted in a tie. It will be extremely strange to see a 1 underneath the tie column, and this has the potential to affect San Francisco's spot in the playoffs. That said, the 49ers were expected to destroy a mediocre St. Louis team. However, the 49ers defense allowed 24 points against a struggling Rams offense. On the other hand, Chicago is coming off of a low scoring game to the Houston Texans. Defense will clearly be a major part of this Monday Night matchup, so offense will be the difference maker. San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith is ruled as questionable due to a concussion. Even if he were to return to the starting lineup, the Chicago Bears would likely shut Smith down, for the offense is not the only unit capable of putting points on the board in Chicago. The Bears offense, led by Cutler and wide receiver Brandon Marshall, has been too inconsistent, and like I said for last weeks game against Houston, Marshall will have to be involved with this offense if they wish to win.
Bears over 49ers 24-10

Stand Out Performance: RB Arian Foster: The highest scoring running back through Week 11 has been Arian Foster of the Houston Texans. Adrian Peterson's comeback performance has almost out shined  Foster in 2012, but the Texans running back has a legitimate shot at Offensive Player of the Year if his spectacular play were to continue. Sunday's game between Houston and Jacksonville is an enormous mismatch, and Foster is projected to be extraordinary. Back in Week 2, Foster rushed for 110 yards against Jacksonville with a score. However, this was not the only poor performance from Jacksonville's defense; the Jags have allowed 10 rushing touchdowns so far, 4 of which came against Detroit in Week 9. Arian Foster will be your fantasy football Week 11 champion, so you should feel very comfortable if Foster is starting for your fantasy team tomorrow afternoon.
Arian FosterL 125 rushing yards, 2 rushing TDs, 50 receiving yards

Player to Watch: QB Alex Smith: A concussion kept Smith from finishing San Francisco's game against St. Louis, and now, he is trying to return for Monday night's game against Chicago, a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Smith has finally proven himself in the National Football League, with one of the best passer ratings among starting quarterbacks. If Smith were to watch the Week 11 game from the sideline, the 49ers hopes for a win would be dashed. Apart from Frank Gore, Smith is the only hope this team has offensively to overcome such a powerful defense, but hopefully, the organization does not rush him into playing even if he continues to show signs of a concussion.
Alex Smith: 180 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 1 rushing TD, INT

Week 11 Predictions:

Falcons over Cardinals

Buccaneers over Panthers

Cowboys over Browns

Packers over Lions

Texans over Jaguars

Bengals over Chiefs

Rams over Jets

Redskins over Eagles

Saints over Raiders

Broncos over Chargers

Patriots over Colts (OT)

Ravens over Steelers

Bears over 49ers

Last Week: 7-6-1
2012 Predictions: 90-52-1 (63%)

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