Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 10 Predictions

     Doug Martin has wasted no time in adjusting to life in the National Football League. Martin's 251 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns propelled him into the fantasy football spotlight, removing Arian Foster from the top back in fantasy sports. Within Martin's own division is another major storyline of Week 10, where Atlanta looks to take on the struggling Saints and move one step closer to the undefeated season. Drew Brees, however, has made it his mission to lead New Orleans through this adversity and hopefully hand their rivals a loss. Surprisingly, this matchup is not the game of the week. That award is handed to the Sunday Night showdown between two Super Bowl contenders; the Houston Texans of the AFC, and the Chicago Bears of the NFC. Expect a low scoring game between the two best defenses in the league, but we can also expect another exciting Sunday.

Charles Tillman
Game to Watch: Houston @ Chicago: Apart from an embarrassing loss to the now red-hot Aaron Rodgers, Houston has been nearly unstoppable, and has played with a new ferocity. This team is now centered around star defender JJ Watt, one of the best in the league at tipping passes and sacking the quarterback. Basically, his side of the field is off limits for any offensive player. The offense has their own backbone in running back Arian Foster, a scoring machine and the main reason why this offense has been able to score so often. On the other side of the football we have an equally competitive defense in Chicago. Historically, the Bears have been extremely intimidating on defense, and this year has been no different. However, for the first time, opposing teams may have to worry about this offense, where quarterback Jay Cutler and wide receiver have picked up from where they left off in Denver. The chemistry at times is inconsistent, but tomorrow will be the most important game for these two offense weapons. Defensively,Houston and Chicago are basically equal, so offense will be the difference maker.
Bears over Texans 17-10

Stand Out Performance: QB Matt Ryan: Playing against the New Orleans Saints defense is a dream for any quarterback, and Matt Ryan would like nothing more than to humiliate their division rivals. Ryan's leadership is no longer questioned by the football world, and another win over the Saints would back up MVP talk. Ryan was likely not happy with his scoring performance last weekend (0 touchdowns) but the yardage total was not a problem. New Orleans has allowed a worrisome amount of passing touchdowns, passing yards, and completions, and I  can safely assume this problem will not be fixed by tomorrow. Not only does Matt Ryan have a motivation to stomp this defense, but his success will come easily as well.
Matt Ryan: 295 passing yards, 3 passing TDs, 1 rushing TDs, INT

Player to Watch: WR Brandon Marshall: His stellar performance against Tennessee proved the strength of Marshall's bond between himself and quarterback Jay Cutler. Marshall's three touchdowns were huge momentum builders in a dominating 50 point win. Unfortunately, Tennessee is no Houston, and it will be more difficult for Chicago to adapt. Therefore, Marshall's performance will be the clear cut X factor, and the inconstancy of Cutler and Marshall will have to end if they wish to defeat Houston. Ironically, Marshall's lowest yardage mark of the season was Chicago's only loss, an away game against Green Bay. Both teams have had difficulty with the Pack, but otherwise, both season's have been almost flawless. If Marshall were to play his heart out and score at least one touchdown, a win can be expected.
Brandon Marshall: 90 receiving yards

Week 10 Predictions:

Colts over Jaguars

Ravens over Raiders

Broncos over Panthers

Giants over Bengals

Dolphins over Titans

Lions over Vikings

Patriots over Bills

Falcons over Saints (OT)

Buccaneers over Chargers

Seahawks over Jets

Eagles over Cowboys

49ers over Rams

Bears over Texans

Steelers over Chiefs

Last Week: 11-3
2012 Season: 83-46 (64%)

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