Sunday, July 22, 2012

Three Best Stadiums: Lambeau Field

1. Lambeau Field: The oldest field in the National Football League has been known by fans as a landmark, due to its history and fabulous traditions. Many Hall of Famers have once called Lambeau Field their home. Wether it be Bart Starr, or Reggie White, or present day Aaron Rodgers, some of the biggest names in sports have played on this piece of history. The Packers happen to be the only sports team in Green Bay, which only adds to the emotion from the fans. Cheese-heads are known throughout the league for their devotion towards Packer football, making it extremely difficult for opposing teams to march into Wisconsin and leave with a win. The stadium itself begins with a statue of legendary coach and founder Curly Lambeau, with big, glass windows behind him. The inside of this historic football stadium has a similar structure to a mall because of its arching ceilings and successful pro shop. The field contains the Packers logo at the 50 yard line and the team's name in either end zone. When standing on the grass in Green Bay, it feels as if the fans are on top of you, where the bleachers curve upwards towards the sky. This organization somehow managed to establish a modern stadium while preserving the old fashioned feel.

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